Prof. ZHU Baoku’s Team Successfully Developed Antibacterial and Antivirus Window Screen and Schieved Large-scale Production in Haining


On June 20, 2020, "antibacterial and antivirus material as well as epidemic prevention technology meeting" and Zhejiang Jingdu "Furuisi antivirus window screen new product launch" held in Haining. As the first research group to be admitted to the International Campus, Zhejiang University, the research team of Professor Zhu Baoku in the International Research Center for Functional Polymers, ZJU has signed a strategic agreement on technical cooperation with Zhejiang Jingdu. The application of relevant technologies and the scale production of products, as well as the subsequent development of health materials technologies and products, will not only be of great significance to the fight against COVID-19, but also provide a new starting point for the future technological progress in epidemic prevention and industrial upgrading in anti-epidemiological protection industry.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 in 2020, Professor Zhu's team of department of polymer science and engineering, Zhejiang University, has given full play to the team's advantages of 'the combination of production, study, research and application' , and put forward the research of 'amphiphilic polymer adsorption and anti-pathogen mechanism and protective materials' based on the International Research Center for Functional Polymers, ZJU, Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education for Membrane and Water Treatment Technology, the Biomedical Materials Production and Application Demonstration Platform of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Key Laboratory of New Adsorption and Separation Materials of Zhejiang Province and other platforms and supported by the anti-epidemic projects of Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province, Science and Technology Department of Hangzhou and Zhejiang University. The team has overcome the amphiphilic polymer quaternary ammonium salt of new antibacterial disinfectant and application of key technologies, developed antibacterial and antivirus window screens with Zhejiang Jingdu New Material Co., LTD., and achieved large-scale production with an annual production capacity of 10 million square meters.