The 12th Juanhu Lake Salon held on International Campus


The 12th “Juan Lake Salon” was held on International Campus, Zhejiang University on 2 November, 2020. Dr. Siying Peng, CEO and CTO of Beijing IDMO Co., LTD., was invited to deliver a speech on the theme “how to become a god of healing and medicine”.

Focused on the development of cancer therapy, Dr. Siying Peng introduced not only the heavy load during the cancer treatment in China from the perspective of patients, but also the present status and challenges of drug development from the perspective of enterprise. Eventually she explained how the technology platform contributes to drug development.

At the end of the seminar, Dr. Siying Peng encouraged the biomedical students to strive for a path of innovative medicine with Chinese characteristics based on China's national conditions. In the following Q&A session, she also proposed suggestions of future employment for undergraduates and graduate students majored in BMS and BMI.