World-class Cooperative Partner

International Campus, Zhejiang University is very harsh on partner selection criteria, and our partners are all from developed countries in the world. According to the requirement of discipline development, International campus cooperates with several world’s top universities and respectively build joint institutes with each of them.

The University of Edinburgh: The University of Edinburgh has a long and rich history as the birthplace of modern bio-medicine. It is a world-renowned center for medical education. The University of Edinburgh is Darwin's Alma mater, Dolly, the cloned sheep’s hometown, the birthplace of the first test-tube baby. Up to now, the University of Edinburgh has produced 21 Nobel Prize winners, 3 British prime ministers, 4 presidents and 2 premiers.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC): UIUC is one of the ten major league (Big Ten) founding members and a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU), has been hailed as “public ivy". UIUC is especially outstanding in the field of engineering, which ranks the 4th in the 2015/16 world university rankings. Up to now, UIUC has produced 23 Nobel Prize winners.

World-class Teaching Facilities

The ratio of student-teacher in international Campus is not higher than 8: 1. Our teaching staff is composed of full-time professors, professors hired by two universities, and course professors. International campus employs advanced ideology and administration system for faculty management, and recruits highly talented professionals in compliance with world-class standards. In addition, some of the professors come straight from Zhejiang University and our partner universities.

Students of Globalization

International Campus is a place where top students cluster. A significant number of international students are admitted annually, with no less than 30%. 

Excellent Programs

Models for Talent Cultivation

Zhejiang University cooperates with several worlds’ top universities and respectively builds joint institutes with each of them. The international Campus fully adopts the partner institute’s policies in terms of teaching staff selection, training program, curriculum, teaching resources, quality standard and safeguarding system. International campus advocates student-centeredness and emphasizes the interaction between teachers and students. All this means students can get world-class education here.

Internationalized Teaching Environment

International Campus provides an ideal place for internationalized teaching and learning (globalization of partners, globalization of teachers, and globalization of classmates); all of the students in the international campus have the opportunities to study abroad, have internships abroad, and join overseas exchange programs.

Residential Colleges

International Campus adopts full residential college system to strengthen students' interpersonal skills, build up their confidence and sense of social responsibility.

Campus Environment

The international Campus strives for building an intelligent Campus; all the facilities are in line with international standards.


The scholarships in the international Campus cover about 40% of the students. The students who ranked the top 100 in the College Entrance Examination of their province (autonomous region or municipality)are eligible for full scholarship directly.

Full scholarships cover all tuition expenses for the 4 years of undergraduate studies.    
Half scholarships cover part of the tuition expenses for the 4 years of undergraduate studies. 

Further Studies

ZJU-UoE Institute: Zhejiang University and the University of Edinburgh started the cooperation in biomedicine since 60% of the 2016 graduates were admitted by world top universities with full scholarships for Ph.D. degree, such as Harvard University, MIT, Princeton University, the University of Chicago.

ZJU-UIUC Institute: UIUC will provide full scholarships (300,000 to 350,000 USD for 5 years) to the top 5% of the graduates for Ph.D. degree.