Specialty Education
International Campus, ZJU has established an undergraduate teaching model that integrates the advantages of the East and the West, and provides students with world-class undergraduate education by professionals in biomedical Sciences, mechanical, civil and electrical engineering, electronics and computer engineering. These courses are delivered through international cultivation methods such as EMI courses, formative evaluation, and quality control in all processes. Meanwhile the partner Institutes combine the advantages of UoE and UIUC in postgraduate education, with established international curriculum standards and operating rules. This provides an innovative international and interdisciplinary cultivation model for postgraduates, supporting a current total of 39 postgraduate majors in three sections: life sciences and health, engineering, and economic management. In total there are also 295 undergraduate courses and 168 postgraduate courses, including 4 province-level courses.
General Education
International Campus, ZJU, emphasizes the integration of general education and specialty education. Through the general education offered during the four-years of undergraduate study, students are expected to be competent in understanding global challenges with high scientific and research competence, and strong social studies and humanitiesliteracy. General education also cultivates students’ academic research skills, communicative competence, teamwork and leadership skills, in a cross-cultural international environment. In total, 68 general courses, including 41 general elective courses are currently on offer.
Academic Calendar
2024.06.03 - 2024.06.03
Students Summer Vacation Begins (Non-graduates)
2024.06.10 - 2024.06.10
Dragon Boat Festival
2024.06.14 - 2024.06.23
Graduation Education of Graduates (June 22-23 Commencement for Summer Graduates)