International Campus, ZJU:2021 Graduates' Destinations Report



The 2021 undergraduate class of the International Campus, ZJU is the second class of students trained since the International Campus was opened. A total of 193 students from 6 undergraduate majors of two Sino-foreign cooperative institutions: Zhejiang University Joint College of Edinburgh University (ZJE) and Zhejiang University Joint College of Urbana-Champaign Campus of Illinois (ZJUI) graduated on schedule.



01 Basic Information 

The 193 undergraduates of the International Campus 2021 class are generally characterized by diversified exports, diversified choices of places for further studies and interdisciplinary further studies. Among them.

1 person chose to go to the western region to teach, 159 people chose to continue their further study, the initial study rate of 82%, 9 people chose to be directly employed, the initial employment rate of 88%; 24 people chose to engage in scientific research assistant and other work to further clarify the development direction, accounting for 12%.


Among the students who choose to further their studies, 67% are overseas students and 33% are domestic students; 52% are admitted to Top 20 universities (according to QS 2022, USNews 2021, Soft World University Ranking 2020, the same below), 33% are admitted to full-award PhDs, 18% are overseas full-award PhDs and 15% are domestic PhDs.


2 Main destinations


Teaching in the West 1

This student is the first student trained by the International Campus to teach in the west. He initiated the establishment of an overseas party group during his exchange study in the U.S. in early 2020, actively organized students to fight against the epidemic and ensured zero infection among students on overseas exchange, and was awarded "Advanced Individual in Fighting the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic" by Zhejiang University.

159 students in further studies

Among the 107 students studying abroad, 34 students (31%) were accepted by the top 10 universities in the world, and 83 students (78.5%) were accepted by the top 20 universities. There are 29 students for direct doctorate (Ph.D.) or master's degree (MS/Ph.D.), accounting for 27%; 83 students got the acceptance letter of academic master (MS), accounting for 77%.

Fifty-two of them received letters of acceptance for further study in China. One student of ZJE was ranked first in the comprehensive interview of Peking University's Ph.D. program, and he is a provincial excellent graduate.

9 people were directly employed

The employment of undergraduate graduates shows a diversified trend in general. Some students were accepted by the world's top 500 companies such as Poly Real Estate or industry leaders and research institutes, and one student became a people's teacher.


03 Characteristics of destination

The graduating class of 2021 is the first class with a full range of majors and a large number of students since the international campus was established. From the perspective of the export of graduates, the selection of the place of further study and the acceptance of the universities for further study, the following characteristics are mainly presented compared with the first class of 2020.


Demonstrating the concept of cultivating students in the international campus

The "scholarly" undergraduate training model of the International Campus, which integrates the advantages of the East and the West, has created good hardware and software conditions for cultivating international talents with all-round development of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and social qualities, and the training quality of graduates is highly recognized by world-class universities and society. The outstanding party members who gave up the opportunity to apply for further study in famous foreign universities to teach in the west of China have emerged, and 160 students (including one student who taught and guaranteed to study) have received acceptance letters from famous universities at home and abroad. Among the 10 outstanding graduates at the provincial level, the proportion of Party members is 50%. This demonstrates the international campus' philosophy of cultivating students with "national sentiment, international vision, global competitiveness and global responsibility".

The quality of cultivation is fully recognized by famous universities at home and abroad

Among ZJUI students, 60 of them were admitted to the top 10 engineering colleges and universities in the U.S. and 65 were admitted to the top 20 engineering colleges and universities in the U.S.

The advantages of cross-fertilization and innovative training are obvious

ZJE's talent cultivation and education model of "whole-person training, global immersion, and whole-chain practice" and the "talent cultivation community" established by ZJUI focusing on international first-class engineering talents in the context of "new engineering" have effectively promoted the integration and innovation. "Five graduates from ZJE have achieved interdisciplinary study, and more of the students have cross-fertilization in their major choices.


Data provided by the Joint College of Zhejiang University Edinburgh (ZJE) and the Joint College of Zhejiang University Urbana-Champaign, Illinois (ZJUI)


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