Outstanding Graduates | See how the International Campus Class of 2021 Civil Engineering students spent their four years

Class of 2021, Civil Engineering
'21, Civil Engineering

"To build a sustainable society"

To build a sustainable future

At Zhejiang University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Joint College
Civil Engineering covers

infrastructure, structures, smart transportation, the

environment, and water resources ......

design-build and planning management

Every student and faculty member in civil engineering

are "striving to create a sustainable society".

This common sense of mission and responsibility

is the bond

The common sense of mission and responsibility is a bond that unites all students and faculty








Rui Zhang: Thanks to my teachers, I believe in myself again

Acceptance: Stanford University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Georgia Institute of Technology, Duke University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Where I graduated: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Zhang Rui has been aspiring to study abroad since high school. For one thing, he wanted to experience a different cultural environment, and for another, try out more distinctive work and study atmospheres, so he decided to choose ZJUI after his high school entrance exams.

"Under the international training system, the way we learn and think is very different from the domestic secondary school level. The teachers often encourage students to ask questions or offer opposing views, which in a sense makes the classroom a more thoughtful atmosphere where discussions are sometimes more oriented towards discussion rather than simply imparting knowledge.

"The most fortunate thing is the strong connections and bonds that have been formed with the professors through this small class size." Zhang Rui told us the story of her relationship with ZJUI Associate Professor Mr. Zhu Tingju. Since the class was relatively small, the professors were often able to give more help and support to their students, both spiritually and academically.

Zhang Rui (first from right) with Mr. Zhu Tingju (first from left)

"My sophomore year was actually very poor and I was very unsure of myself. At that time, everyone was involved in competitions and research or student organizations, but I had nothing because I had not adjusted well in my freshman year. ", Zhang Rui recalls. Mr. Zhu is a humble and caring teacher who is very patient with undergraduates who do not have a solid foundation, and he guides them in the right way. He encouraged the students to search and read the literature step by step. Under Mr. Zhu's guidance, Zhang Rui gradually started his research in the field of water resources system engineering, dedicated to the scientific planning, optimal design and optimal operation and management of complex water resources systems, and also set his own direction for further study. "Mr. Zhu also gave me a lot of help in choosing a school for my later application. Without Ms. Zhu's support, I might have collapsed at a low point and not been able to get up, but Ms. Zhu's trust really gave me a lot of motivation to continue believing in myself."

The four years of the program have been full of fun. Zhang Rui said, "Life at ZJUI is very interesting, and my biggest gain is probably having a lot of like-minded friends. We studied and lived together, which is a very precious memory.

What do you want to say to the candidates who are going to apply for ZJUI? I would like to say

Go for it! You can enjoy your college life at ZJUI, but college is not easy, we are busy and happy.










Kaihang Zhang: With my eyes opened, I am no longer focused on reading sage books
Accepted: UC Berkeley, Imperial College, University of Washington, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Delft University of Technology, McGill University

Graduated from: University of California, Berkeley

What touches Zhang Kaihang most about his four years at ZJUI is the international training model. "With the international curriculum, my eyes have been opened up. I am no longer the same person who only knows how to study in high school." Zhang Kaihang said, "The impact of the international training on me is imprinted by my eyes and ears. Since my freshman year, I have been immersed in an educational highland that brings together the best talents from all over the world, which has constantly opened my eyes."

In his sophomore year, he joined the faculty professors' research projects and programs, gaining abundant opportunities for hands-on research training and hand-on guidance from teachers and seniors, which also laid the foundation for his subsequent development. During his exchange to UIUC, he also had the opportunity to visit Prof. Yiheng Feng at the University of Michigan with Mr. Simon Hu to exchange views on research progress in the field of intelligent transportation.

Kaihang Zhang (first from right) and Simon Hu (middle) went to the University of Michigan to exchange ideas.

"ZJUI's rich training in English writing classes, including literary writing classes, scientific research writing classes, business writing classes, experimental writing classes, as well as a large number of basic science courses such as mathematics, have broadened my horizons and broken my perception of the content of "traditional engineering" studies. The outstanding seniors guide the course, and the excellent peers help the course, which provides a good platform for students' development.










Ming Yang Liao: I am ready to be tested by the society

Acceptance: Poly Development, Shimao Group, Lanson Property, Ernst & Young, Dexin Property

Graduation destination: Poly Development Zhejiang Company

In the summer of his junior year, Ming Yang Liao stood at the crossroads of his life, he could have chosen to study in graduate school - his academic performance was outstanding and he had already contacted his mentor; he could also study abroad - his rich research experience, patents, internship experience, club experience, etc. could be useful. She should be able to apply to the world's most prestigious universities. However, this slim girl finally chose the most challenging path - direct employment to accept the test of society.

This is by no means an impulsive and reckless decision, there is only one reason for everything, that is, Ming-Yang Liao is really ready!

The fact that she received an offer from a Fortune 500 company right after graduating from her bachelor's degree is inseparable from Ming-Yang Liao's clear career planning. She wanted to work in the real estate industry for a long time, so she started a few targeted internship experiences. In the summer of her freshman year, she interned in the line of Xiaoshan Airport Phase III Construction Command; in her sophomore year, she conducted a cost-benefit analysis of the large-scale expansion project of Xiaoshan Airport; and in the summer of her junior year, she practiced in the cost post of China Resources Land Hangzhou. In addition, she also set up a construction technology consulting studio during her college years to learn theoretical knowledge and at the same time, contact and understand the market demand of the construction industry. Relying on her internship experience in Xiaoshan Airport, she also researched and published a paper as the first author in the international conference IC4E 2020, Cost-benefit analysis of investment in airport expansion project: A case study of Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport," which provides a cost-benefit analysis of a major expansion project at Xiaoshan Airport.

"The real estate investment department is a department that tests people's comprehensive ability, not that you can start working directly after graduating from a certain major in the university, but it is a great test of learning ability, professional ability and comprehensive ability. ZJUI has been a good exercise of my above-mentioned abilities." The course evaluation system of ZJUI consists of quiz, midterm, homework, group project, presentation, etc. Therefore, the numerous group cooperation projects, process evaluation requirements and high intensity assignments in the four years of university have greatly exercised the students' ability to resist pressure, teamwork and presentation. The ability to present and report.

During her four years in college, Ming-Yang Liao was willing to experiment and actively participated in social services. She participated in social practice, and went to Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province to carry out "urban and rural economic research and practice - help precise poverty alleviation"; she served as the head of the International Campus Clubs Department, managing all the clubs on campus; she also participated in a lot of volunteer work, served as a community anti-epidemic Volunteers, as the host of the first 100 family banquet in her hometown, participating in the whole process of event preparation, program coordination and guest reception ......

In the job interview, all the people in the same field with her were graduate students, but she still stood out with her excellent overall ability and enthusiasm and sensitivity to the industry. I believe that in the future, she will be able to apply ZJUIer's spirit of defiance and innovation to her favorite position!

What would you like to say to the candidates who are going to apply for ZJUI? :

Always stay motivated to study. ZJUI is not like the traditional universities you know, it's not just a three-day blitz before the final exam, but a long and steady stream of effort and numerous stage tests. ZJUI is definitely the best solution for those who are considering studying abroad!









Yan Yuhan: Focus on sustainable development of water resources

Graduated from: Zhejiang University, Water Resources and Water Environment Engineering

Water is the basic natural resource for human socio-economic development and the irreplaceable source of life for people's survival and living. The study of water resources and water environment engineering will have an important impact on the sustainable development of society. Since she started her research on water resources under the supervision of Mr. Zhu Tingju, Yan Yuhan has been determined to contribute to the sustainable development of society.

Over the past four years, she has participated in several related research projects. For example, the SRTP project "Information and Communication Technology to Enhance Monitoring and Control of Water Projects in Eastern Zhejiang Province", the UIUC Term Project "Impact of Nitrate and Sediment on Energy Use and Drinking Water Treatment Costs: A Case Study of a Drinking Water Plant in Decatur "The project "Integrated Modeling of Water-Energy-Food Relationships in the Yangtze River Delta: Status and Sustainability Challenges", etc. The results of the "Integrated Modeling of Water-Energy-Food Relationships in the Yangtze River Delta: Current Status and Sustainability Challenges" project were also presented in a poster at the AGU Fall Meeting in December 2020.

In addition to her academic commitment to global sustainability, her responsibility is also reflected in her extensive social work and community practice. She has been actively involved in student work, serving as Deputy Director of the International Campus Student Union Office, Deputy Director of the New Media Center Office, and Deputy Secretary of the Second Party Branch of ZJUI Undergraduates, honing her comprehensive skills while serving her fellow students. She was happy to serve as a volunteer, going to Guizhou to teach in Qiandong, and using the theme of "poverty alleviation" combined with big data analysis to promote themed cultural and creative products for the local community, applying her knowledge to social practice and enhancing her sense of social responsibility and family feeling.

Yan Yuhan said, "My four years of study at ZJUI have enabled me to carry out my studies and research practice in an environment where Chinese and Western education and cultures converge and collide. I have both a solid professional foundation, English writing and expression skills, and the ability to consider problems in the context of my own country, as well as find what I can work on for the sustainable development of the region, the country and the world. The cross-disciplinary training model has enabled me to acquire the ability of deep thinking, dialectical analysis and problem solving. I am grateful to my PhD advisor, Mr. Zhu Tingju, who has been my guide in my research career, and I will try to be like him and devote myself to the sustainable development of the world."

What would you like to say to the candidates who are going to apply for ZJUI? :.

The most basic thing is to prepare well for the entrance exam and the interview for the comprehensive assessment, and secondly, I hope that future students will be well prepared for the stressful coursework at ZJUI, but you will definitely "feel the pain and have fun" and gain rich knowledge, cutting-edge technology, dialectical thinking, inspiration, and a huge reward after completing each assignment, essay, and project. You will gain a wealth of knowledge, cutting-edge technology, dialectical thinking, inspiration and a great sense of accomplishment after completing each assignment, essay and project. Finally, don't worry too much about your English, just listen more, read more and speak more!









Zhang Yu: With love in your heart, all things are possible

Accepted: Columbia University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of California, Berkeley, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Imperial College of Technology

Graduated to: Columbia University

Zhang Yu is a person who dares to love and pursue. She has traveled to many different places all over the world, stepping over thousands of miles of rivers and mountains, running to every mountain and sea, witnessing every landscape and crossing every challenge. She has been on the stage of scientific research, competition and entrepreneurship. After four years of ignorance and ups and downs, she finally chose to go abroad for further studies to continue her love and adhere to her choice.

The direction she chose to further her studies may make many people wonder, is this still civil engineering?

Fourth in the world in ASCE thesis competition
The civil engineering program at ZJUI encompasses systems engineering and economics, engineering and scientific computing. It was during the course of CEE201 Systems Engineering and Economics that Zhang Yu discovered a "new world" that was completely different from the stereotypical "civil engineering". In addition to the traditional civil engineering study content, ZJUI's civil engineering also covers interdisciplinary knowledge such as engineering economics and engineering management, which also laid the foundation for her to establish the direction of further study. Because she gradually discovered her real interests during her course of study, all of Zhang Yu's applications focused on the management science and engineering direction.

In her undergraduate studies, she was one of the top students, maintaining a very high GPA of close to perfect. But even she had classes that she was very intimidated by at the time. "The class I remember most from the past four years was the class taught by Professor Thomas Honold, which was very obscure and difficult to understand for me at that time. But when I read it down hard, I found another view. Maybe there are many difficulties and things in life, similar to this class."

When asked about her future plans, she said, "I hope that all the graduates in the same class will have the love in their hearts, and that everything will be possible.