Outstanding Graduates | See how the mechanical engineering students of the Class of 2021 spent their four years

Class of 2021, Mechanical Engineering

'21, Mechanical Engineering

"Make everything possible"

Make everything possible


Mechanical Engineering covers

fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, biomechanics

micro and nano materials, thermodynamics, energy

manufacturing and automation, dynamics, control science


and various other related disciplines

Robotics, autonomous driving, nanotechnology and other frontier areas

are the direction of the students' research practice

Mechanical students at ZJUI

Putting into practice, mechanics and practice

Turning the impossible into possible

Turning difficulties into fruitful achievements

They are working together to build

A more tolerant, friendly and better society

and work tirelessly







Han Tian Yi: With your own hands

Making Ideas Submit to Practice

Acceptance: UCLA, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Where did you graduate: Carnegie Mellon University

Tianyi Han has been interested in robotics since he was a child. In high school, he participated in various robotics competitions such as VEX China, Asia Pacific, and international competitions, and information competitions, which led him to choose ZJUI to major in mechanical engineering. After entering ZJUI, he continued to develop his hobby, from the second prize in the international Robomaster competition to his current offer from a prestigious university to continue his career in the design and manufacturing of mechanical engineering and robotics.

In August 2019, Han Tian Yi led the Meta team to its first competition, and won the second prize in the RoboMaster International Preliminary Round and the appearance prize in the RoboMaster International Competition. The team was called "the biggest dark horse of the international qualifier" by the judges.

Han Tianyi (first from left) and his teammates debugging the robot at the competition site

"We have been preparing for the competition for more than a year. The Innovation Design Lab is like our home, and we are familiar with the sky at 1:00 or 2:00 am." Han Tianyi recalls how rewarding the preparation process was, "The results are not the most important thing, it's the participation and rewards that are key. We were a brand new team, and in addition to developing the robot from scratch, we also had to control the development schedule, set up and manage the team, etc. Almost every member put in 100% effort. We also gained more as a result, and these are far more important than a ranking."

Whenever he encounters difficulties in a project or competition, he always insists on the simple practical spirit of "do-it-yourself, feed yourself" and independently explores the possibilities of solutions. When the 3D printer in the lab could not fully meet the demand, he started to try to make his own DIY 3D printer. After studying and exploring, he finally realized many functions such as automatic leveling of the printing platform, automatic switching of multiple nozzles (tool changer), printing with high-temperature consumables, and remote online control. He designed and manufactured the black 3D printer, and all the parts were machined and assembled by his own hands. It is no coincidence that he has also successfully designed and manufactured one of the top 3D printers in the global DIY community by combining practical needs.

Homemade 3D printer

The first time I saw a 3D printer, I was able to make it with my own hands.

The first time I saw a 3D printer in the world, I was able to design and build one of the top 3D printers in the DIY community.

In addition to his strong hands-on skills, Han Tian Yi is also good at identifying and practicing problem-oriented research projects. Under the guidance of ZJUI Assistant Professor Yang Qianjing and ZJUI Adjunct Faculty member Elizabeth T. Hsiao-Wecksler, he published his paper "Biomechanical Design and Clinical Evaluation of an Ankle-Functional 3D Printer" as the second author in IEEE ICRA, a top international conference in the field of robotics. Evaluation of an Ankle-Foot Simulator for Ankle Clonus Assessment Training", which was also included in the IEEE RA-L journal. The simulator was validated in bench-top testing and clinician evaluation, providing medical students with the opportunity to repeat the training and effectively improve their ankle clonus diagnostic skills.

Prototype simulator simulation experiment

In Zheli, Han Tian Yi's hobby was supported by the faculty and students. Through exploration and practice, he created his own future with his own hands. He sublimated his hobby into a research direction and wrote the ZJUI student answer sheet for the role and role of a mechanical engineer in the age of intelligence.

What do you want to say to the candidates who want to apply for ZJUI? : 

Our mechanical courses are very broad in scope and not limited to a certain direction, which provides students with richer possibilities for further study in the future, and ZJUI also provides us with many opportunities for hands-on practice such as group projects in manufacturability design courses and interdisciplinary graduation designs, which has been very beneficial to me.




FengYue: Down to earth.

Contribute to a better life

Acceptance: UC Berkeley, Johns Hopkins University, Cornell University, National University of Singapore

Graduated from: University of California, Berkeley

Feng Yue is an exceptionally bright girl, who is decisive and understanding, a "big brother" in everyone's eyes, and a good classmate and friend.

When it comes to her college life, the days when she worked side by side with her classmates in the Student Union's Power and Service Department have become her indelible memories. In November 2018, she led all the students in the department to plan and carry out the second "Warmth Service Week", which is a fast and efficient way to encourage the students to participate in the management of the campus and give advice to the development of the campus. In November 2018, she led all students in the Department of Human Rights and Services to plan and carry out the second "Warmth Service Week", which collected opinions and suggestions from all students and faculty of the campus in a quick and efficient manner and with encouraging measures. At the same time, after consolidation, we contacted the relevant units and departments to conduct seminars, and the feedback and corrective measures of various problems were openly explained to students and teachers on campus through the WeChat tweets of the Student Union. "The work of the Department of Rights and Services has greatly exercised my leadership, execution and organization and coordination skills, and I am also very happy that through the efforts of my students, an important bridge between students and the school has been constructed." Feng Yue said so.

Organizing and participating in Power Service Week

In addition to serving in student work, she also carries out a series of projects for human well-being in her research practice, contributing to the creation of a better and livable environment. For example, AI for Nanotechnology, Intelligent System for Implanted Bones, Water Harvest, etc. After drawing inspiration from the UIUC summer research program, Feng Yue, under the leadership of ZJUI Assistant Professor Hu Huan, focused on the people in water-scarce areas who are in a "water crisis". She and her younger siblings conducted research in two directions: new forms of hydrophobic nanomaterials and photolithography, investigating the strength of water collection capacity of water-loving and hydrophobic material surfaces with different ratios, shapes and arrangements under a certain humidity environment, in order to find an optimal water collection surface per unit time and area, and to explore the way to alleviate water difficulties on the ground.

"During my four years at ZJUI, I have met so many teachers and friends who can benefit me for life. They are really good and nice, whether it is the course or the research, they are all student-oriented and think of us." Feng Yue couldn't hide his excitement when talking about the teachers, "I think there are really few universities in China that have so many such good teachers except us. The multi-dimensional non-normal evaluation system of the whole process also enables the students to always urge themselves to study and learn many skills that cannot be learned in general domestic universities, such as report writing ability, speech expression ability, team leadership, etc."

▲ Feng Yue in the graduation play "Secretly in Love with Peach Blossom Source" stills

The classroom podium, the drama stage, and the sports field have all witnessed Feng Yue's overflowing youth. She uses her enthusiasm and practice to create a more outstanding campus environment for all students; she uses her love and knowledge to add bricks to overcome problems and difficulties for all human beings; she uses her youth and sincerity to find her true self and plant friendships.

What would you like to say to the candidates who are going to apply for ZJUI? : The following

On the one hand, the study at ZJUI helped me to adapt to the Western teaching model more quickly, and on the other hand, the international system has a more "learning" feel, and the whole process of evaluation makes us learn more solidly. Although the number of students on campus was small, it was an opportunity for me to "jump" into more opportunities and to improve my chances of serving in student organizations. My sense of responsibility has been greatly stimulated by my involvement in campus construction and service to my fellow students.

The four years at ZJUI may be hard and tiring, but behind the hard work will be exponential gains. Freshman and sophomore years will be full of academic pressure, but don't just bury your head in the sand. If you have a little spare energy, look up more at this side of the garden, see what you want to do, what suits you, try more, and someday in the future you will look back and thank yourself for having been there.




Zheng Han: The world is a big place, just go and see it

Acceptance: ETH Zurich, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Duke University

Where to graduate: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Ph.

"I really hope you will be my assistant next time I come to China." This is the high praise given to Zheng Han by Professor Venky Narayanamurti, former Dean of Harvard University School of Engineering, after the first meeting of ZJUI International Advisory Board in 2018.

▲ Zheng Han communicates with Prof. Venky

With his outstanding intercultural communication skills, Zheng Han has participated in many important foreign affairs activities of the college, such as the International Advisory Committee meeting and international academic conferences, and helped foreign experts and scholars to understand China, ZJUI and ZJU, which has been well received by many visiting experts and scholars. He went to Sri Lanka to participate in summer social practice and also attended the International Student Leadership Exchange Camp to discuss with other international student leaders on how to participate in international affairs through multiple channels and show leadership and influence in a diverse arena.

He went to Sri Lanka for social practice

▲Participating in the International Student Leadership Exchange Camp

"The students are super hands-on because there is a lot of content in our core curriculum that requires hands-on practice." Zheng Han believes that ZJUI mechanical engineering students generally have a strong ability to know what to do, "After four years of systematic training, we are all very good at putting theory and algorithms into concrete designs."

As an outstanding representative of mechanical engineering students, he is also actively involved in research practice, and he has been busy in Shanghai Automotive Group R&D Center and MIT Active Adaptive Control Lab. algorithm for solving the decision process of car sharing platform, and participated in research related to convergence of high-dimensional gradient descent algorithms in convex optimization and deep learning." During my time as a Visiting Student at MIT, I have met many seniors who are much better than myself, and I have learned a lot from them, both in terms of research work and in dealing with people. It also inspired me to go abroad for further study. The world is a big place, so let's go and see it." Zheng Han said.

Zheng Han is a sunny boy full of vitality, he likes to work out and enjoy the process of sweating like rain; he likes to chat and find the fun of idea collision in communication with others; he loves life and takes cooking and traveling as his hobbies, tastes life with oil and salt, and measures the world with resounding footsteps. He has also maintained excellent academic performance during his four-year study career in college, earning A+ (97 or above) in 17 of the 25 core professional courses he took. He has been awarded as an outstanding student of Zhejiang University for three consecutive years, and has also received honors such as Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship and Outstanding Graduate of Zhejiang Province.

He is actively involved in student services and social work as a volunteer and student leader; he is a cultural ambassador, taking the initiative to communicate and tell the story of China; he is a mechanical student, hands-on, for the development of science and technology, providing his own thinking and contribution.

What would you like to say to the candidates who are going to apply for ZJUI? :

Four years in a hurry, thanks to the people who accompanied me along the way. For those who apply, please be prepared to suffer for four years.




Sun Yue: mechanical engineering, wonderfully interesting

Graduated to: Zhejiang University, School of Mechanical Engineering 

Looking back on his four years of university life, Sun Yue feels that he has benefited a lot, "I have met a lot of excellent friends and learned a lot from them about learning methods and different perspectives on problems. I have learned a lot from them. I am more open and calm, and I am optimistic. I also learned a lot of professional knowledge, and I was fortunate to come into contact with the very interesting subject of machinery, and I developed a rigorous thinking and learning ability, and mastered my own learning method."

In her professional studies and research practice, she has explored a number of widely different fields.

As early as the summer of her freshman year, she was involved in a research project on Surgical Robotics with ZJUI Assistant Professor Yang Qianjing. As a co-first author, she wrote the paper "A Preliminary design of a robotic system for kinaesthetic training of surgical tasks" together with Kevin Hong and Jiale He, which was peer-reviewed at the 14th Asian Conference on Computer-Assisted Surgery. The paper was recommended for publication in The Journal of Engineering, IET as one of the outstanding papers. By studying the design concept of the robotic surgical training system, Sun Yue and two students set the design parameters based on the kinematic principles and operation path requirements, and used simulation software tools to simulate and analyze the robot arm development kit to expand the drive, sensing and control functions of the robot arm, and verify the design concept through experimental testing. The participation of junior undergraduates in international academic conferences and the publication of high-quality research results have also generated buzz in the field of computer-assisted surgery-related research.

"The college provides a large number of research opportunities each year, giving us early exposure to experimentation and research. Through a combination of different classroom formats such as teaching of specialized courses, experiments, discussions, and course project design, students' understanding of theoretical knowledge and practical application skills are promoted." Sun Yue said.

In terms of knowledge intake, she did not limit herself, but rather, as ZJUI always encourages, dabbled widely, cross-innovated, and explored and discovered her professional interests in practice. In addition to her research practice in the direction of surgical robotics, she also had a corporate internship at Zhejiang Jingong Technology Co.