The campus service hub is located on the first floor of the student service center and is the window through which the international campus provides comprehensive campus services for faculty, staff, students and visitors.

Campus services hub provides consultations and transaction on campus services, including campus card, campus transportation, access control, shuttle bus, teacher’s apartment, visitors’ services, and administrative affairs of Zijingang campus, administrative self-service station and so on. 

  Location: East side of the first floor of the Student Center
  Time: Monday to Friday 8:00-17:30
          Weekends and holidays 8:30-17:00
  Tel: 0573-87572114(24H)

Your Voice Matters! 
In order to improve the quality of campus services and strengthen service supervision, Your Voice Matters!——the campus service suggestions and complaint channels is provided. Faculty, staff and students can make suggestions about catering, maintenance, shuttle, medical treatment, apartments, shops, express delivery, security, cleaning, greening, library, ITS and other campus services.
    1. E-mail:
    2. Tel: 0571-87572115
    3. QR code: