Dear students,

Welcome to the beautiful International Campus, Zhejiang University, where you will start your college life along with students from Zhejiang University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Cornell University, and other world-class universities.

The International Campus is a campus built as part of the globalization strategy of Zhejiang University. Here you will find yourselves in an international environment and academic atmosphere you’ve been dreaming of, and in a place where the East meets the West. We hope that you will enjoy your time spent here, building up your English language capacity which will benefit your future academic work, finding your academic interest amidst the rich cross-border educational resources, harvesting friendship with teachers and fellow students from all over the world, orientating yourselves in this multi-cultural environment, and getting a better understanding of the development of the world.

We believe that nothing will stop us in our effort to brave the challenges and embrace the future, and to build a community of shared future for mankind. For our common home, we hope that you will follow the rules and regulations of the university, especially policies regarding the Covid-19. These include taking daily body temperature, reporting your health conditions, and applying for approval when leaving or entering the Campus. The pandemic will ultimately be gone, but our experience of fighting against the pandemic and the friendship developed during this period will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

We wish you a pleasant and fruitful stay on the International Campus and may the time spent here be part of the fond memory of your university life!

International Campus, Zhejiang University

August 12, 202

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