Bearing in Mind the Country's Most Fundamental Interests, Striving to Stay at the Forefront—CPC Member Conference of the International Campus Committee Was Held


On the afternoon of May 15th, the CPC member conference of the party committee at the International Campus, Zhejiang University took place in the Grand Lecture Hall at the International Campus. Professor HE Lianzhen, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, Vice President of Zhejiang University attended the conference. Professor FU Qiang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhejiang University, attended the conference and delivered a speech. Also attended were HU Yudong, Deputy Director of the Organization Department of the Party Committee, as well as LV Zhongfei, Member of the Standing Committee of the Haining Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Organization Department. The conference was hosted by CAI Quan, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Communist Party Committee and Vice Dean of the International Campus.     


On behalf of the Party Committee of Zhejiang University, Professor FU Qiang extended warm congratulations on the convening of the conference. He said that the election of the campus party committee stands as a key event as the campus becomes more significant politically and grows towards a top-tier higher education institution in the world. 


Since its first day, the International Campus has fully grounded in the notion of " Self-Initiation, High Standard, One-to-Many (1+x)". Holding high standards from its founding stage, the campus has been developing robustly towards a model in international education collaboration. In his speech, Professor FU put forward his expectations for this election and for the development of International Campus: to unite for the future; to select qualified officials; and to march forwards with missions, stepping up the efforts to make contributions in building ZJU into a world-class university with Chinese characteristics.


On behalf of the previous Party Committee of the International Campus, Professor HE made a report entitled Bearing in Mind the Country's Most Fundamental Interests, Striving to Stay at the Forefront, Speed Up the Construction of a Model Area for International Education Cooperation. According to Professor HE, under the leadership of Zhejiang University's party committee, the International Campus has, in the past ten years, achieved a lot, which includes building an educational model of openness and integration, renovating talent cultivation by borrowing from the east and west, reshaping the academia by stimulating interdisciplinary cooperation, exploring potentials in regional coordinated development, setting up new mechanisms in university governance in an international setting, and bringing party development to the new stage. Professor HE further encouraged all members to shoulder the historical mission of serving national strategic demands, cultivate talents for the new era, achieve more cutting-edge breakthroughs, and help build a community with a shared future for mankind. “The times are calling, and we shall work tenaciously.” As she has said, under the background of Zhejiang University's 125th anniversary and its commitment to the "Double First-Class Initiative", International Campus shall illustrate more specifically its goals and visions, and shoulder boldly the missions of vital importance. Finally, she hoped that all iZJUers shall forge ahead in solidarity and get down to work with high morale. 





With the blueprint in hand, we shall start working in no time. The International Campus shall follow Xi Jinping's Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and forge ahead with a sense of responsibility, mission, and urgency. This conference has reinforced the campus's resolution to become a model area of international education cooperation and help elevate Zhejiang University to world-class standards. 

All party members of the campus attended the conference, as well as middle-level cadres who are not party members and probationary party members.


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Article:CAI Peiqi;

Editing:SUN Xiaolei;

Editing in charge: LI Yinan;

Translation: WANG Ruoqin