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Speaking about the future, he stated that using the power of finance to support the new energy industry is important, and he pledged to keep moving forward with tenacity and apply the lessons he has learned to help the nation and the wider community. He has acquired not only professional knowledge from his two years at the International Campus and ZIBS, but also a forward-looking perspective and the capacity to predict the course of future development.

This issue of "iZJUer - Series of stories (Alumni Talk)" tells the growth story of XU Chengrong.


XU Chengrong, Class of 2020, graduate student of the Master of Finance (iMF) of International Business School Zhejiang University (ZIBS). He was awarded the National Scholarship for Graduate Students, Outstanding Graduate Student, the Third Prize of the Fourth National Competition of Oriental Fortune Finance Challenge, etc. He began working as a sell-side researcher at the Densin Group of Soochow Securities Research Institute after graduation.



- Early Connections with the International Campus -


Before enrolling at ZIBS, XU Chengrong had already been familiar with the International Campus because of an article about the Ant Institute's "Young Leaders Programme" posted by ZIBS. XU joined the Young Leaders Program after passing several tests. At the conclusion of the program, he passed Alibaba's "Academic Trio" test, and his team's report, "Fintech Enables Corporate Pension Investment," was posted on the fintech portal, "WeiYang" .

"My journey with the International Campus began at this point. I learned a lot  about the International Campus and ZIBS beforehand thanks to the sharing of my fellow students, and that made me eager to start my academic life here ."

After admission, Xu Chengrong served as the monitor of the iMF class of 2020. He also attended as representative 33rd and 34th Postgraduate Student Congresses of Zhejiang University and actively proposed changes to the way that student’s study and live on campus.



- Cross-disciplinary   With a commitment to research for the nation -

XU Chengrong started his internship at the Soochow Securities Research Institute during his second academic year. Due to his strong professionalism and exceptional all-around talent, he was also successfully qualified for retention after his team took home the 19th "New Fortune Best Analyst" title (new energy and power equipment group) during the internship. XU Chengrong explained that his interest in the new energy sector first surfaced during his national postgraduate entrance exam and that he ultimately made this decision after coming to the International Campus. "I have increased my confidence in my research direction by attending career planning sessions organized by the Residential College and speaking to fellow students and teachers at ZJUI." According to Xu Chengrong, the field of new energy will have strong development prospects over the next two to three decades, and energy substitution will significantly alter both the global and national economies.


▲Participate in the Group Day and High Table Dinner


▲Participate in organizing expert lectures at the Gold Exchange and academic lectures at the Central Bank


In the future, he will develop in the field of new energy industry. As a sell-side researcher, one can encourage the growth of an industry and, in turn, the smooth operation of the entire social system by conducting in-depth market research, digging up, and identifying high-quality businesses that are undervalued by the market. Green development can also be strengthened by directing investments toward the new energy sector. China's photovoltaic industry, according to XU Chengrong, is among the most competitive in the world. This helps photovoltaic companies obtain more funding from the capital market while also promoting the nation's related industries in a strategic way.

In addition to his education and internship, XU Chengrong enjoys reading and particularly enjoys the writings of Chairman MAO. As a new generation, XU Chengrong says that he is actually similar to his pee and frequently struggles with confusion about life. As such, he chooses to draw spiritual strength from the great man in order to direct every move in the future.


▲Internship at Soochow Institute of Securities


 Gratitude and Responsibility -

I can still clearly remember the South Lake Group Day, the vibrant expert talks, and the High Table Dinner from my nearly two years of study at the International Campus with my fellow students. When discussing living on the International Campus, the first word that sprang to his mind was "quality". The International Campus is one of the few single-dormitory international campus communities in China where students are guaranteed their own place to study and live independently. The campus' common areas also significantly support the social, academic, and recreational needs of students. Additionally, the mixed-row accommodation in the residential college promotes students’ interaction within and across colleges.

"I talk to my engineering friends from ZJUI next door quite a bit, in addition to my own peers. My study life has been made more fulfilling by the campus setting. The residential college brings a sense of community and unit, which promotes greater interaction between students with interdisciplinary backgrounds. " When I spoke to my coworkers during the internship, they all mentioned they were especially envious of the facility and environment at the international campus.”

When asked about the future, XU Chengrong stated that using the power of finance to serve the new energy business is highly meaningful. He will continue to move forward with determination, using the information learned to contribute to the country, service to the society. When reflecting on his two years spent at the International Campus and ZIBS, XU Chengrong claimed that in addition to gaining professional knowledge, he also developed an outlook on the future and the capacity to predict its course.

"The ZIBS platform has given me a huge boost, and the faculty at the college have always been very compassionate. It is the platform provided by the campus to students in all aspects that has given me the ability to obtain cutting-edge information," said the student. To become a "starry-eyed ZIBS person," XU Chengrong declared that he will always be appreciative and fearless. He also expressed his desire to represent ZIBS in the new energy sector one day.


Article: XU Chengrong, CHENQI Lisha, GUO Jiyao;

Photography: XU Chengrong;

Editing: SUN Xiaolei;

Editing in charge: CHEN Jingyan; LI Yinan