The Administrators Meeting of International Campus Held


On November 9th, International Campus held the Administrators Meeting, during which the appointments and removal of relevant Campus cadres were announced. Professor HE Lianzhen, member of the standing committee of CPC Zhejiang University Committee and Vice President of Zhejiang University, Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of International Campus attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Professor OUYANG Hongwei, Dean of International Campus, hosted the meeting.


Appointment and removal letters of Campus Administrators were read at the meeting by SUN Qi, Deputy Director of the Organization Department of Party Committee on behalf of Zhejiang University. QU Lijuan was appointed as the Executive Deputy Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of International Campus, ZJU, and Vice Dean of International Campus. Cai Quan no longer serves in the post he held before.




Professor HE said that CAI Quan, in a hands-on and creative way, had made notable achievements at the International Campus. She hoped that CAI Quan could keep on supporting International Campus in his new position. Full recognition was given to QU Lijuan by Professor HE for her ongoing contributions to International Campus. She urged QU Lijuan to adopt a holistic view on her position for the establishment of the international collaborative education model. To all members on International Campus, Professor HE promoted the awareness of using our missions as a guide in our joint efforts to build an icon in international collaborative education, and to play a greater role in China’s educational opening up. 

On behalf of the leadership team of the campus, Professor OUYANG Hongwei expressed his firm support for this appointment decision by Zhejiang University. He hoped that QU Lijuan would continue working hard in her new position, tackle the difficulties ahead with the leadership team on campus, and exert greater influence on our journey toward an international collaborative education model. Based on the new development stage, the leadership team of the International Campus shall strive to make better achievements and live up to the expectations on our campus of both the country and Zhejiang university.



While extending gratitude for the trust and ground for growth given by Zhejiang University and International Campus, QU Lijuan showed her commitment to a clearly defined political stance, a researcher’s mindset, a strong sense of teamwork, and working in a down-to-earth way. She hoped to make greater contributions to the campus as it leaps ahead.

CAI Quan showed his firm support for this appointment decision by the university and his gratitude to the university and International Campus for their care and trust. He said that he would continue supporting the development of International Campus in his new position.


The meeting was attended by all leadership, office directors as well as the faculty and staff representatives.



Article and Photography: SUN Xiaolei

Editing in charge: XUE Qian

Translation: WANG Ruoqin, LIU Shuaiyin