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Sheng Qin, Graduate Student of Radio and Television, Class of 2020

She was awarded the National Scholarship, the Outstanding Graduate Student of Zhejiang University, the Merit Graduate Students of Zhejiang University, etc.


Part 01 Rooted in research

She is an active researcher. The school's platform has given her many opportunities and she has set the goal of striving to become a screenwriter. She participated in several research projects, and for two years in a row she participated in the China TV Drama Blue Book project, volunteering to be responsible for the analysis of the creative characteristics and aesthetic presentation of the TV series Qing Ping Le and The Age of Awakening, and the two papers she completed as a sub-chapter of the China TV Drama Blue Book were published by Peking University Press.

"I am delighted with the results I have gained, and I thank the campus and teachers for providing me with various platforms and various opportunities to experiment, so that I can internalise my love and externalise it", said Sheng Qin.


Part 02 Pursuit of essence and purchase dreams

In the industry practice, Sheng Qin kept asking herself what she had learned in Zhejiang University and how she could apply what she had learned in practice. She has always adhered to the principle of "asking for what is right and wrong, regardless of profit and loss" and has continued to work on original dramas and participate in socially meaningful film and television projects, despite the trend of fast-paced IP adaptations.


She was involved in the filming of the documentary An Oral Introduction of Liangzhu History, a documentary on the Liangzhu World Heritage Site, and was the director of a documentary focusing on a group of blind musicians. This two-month-long documentary shadowing experience not only exposed her to filming practice, but also allowed her to be rooted in life, to see and to record those marginalised groups that are easily overlooked.


Part 03 Where my heart belongs

In addition to pursuing her goals, she also enjoys the seemingly ordinary moments in life. In retrospect, it is these ordinary moments that have given her so much strength.


Sheng Qin says: "In Haining, my teachers, the college and the campus have been my support, and the love they give may not be overwhelming, but it is silent. It is the spirit of tolerance, the facilities and the look of expectation and support from the teachers. These spirits, memories and experiences are all microscopically sliced into a savings jar in my heart, allowing me to find peace of mind in a turbulent world. Who says this is not a second home?"



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