The International Campus Exhibition Center Open!


On October 17, the opening ceremony of the International Campus Exhibition Center was held in the Auditorium. The opening of the Exhibition Center celebrates the 6th anniversary of the grand opening of the campus.


Professor HE Lianzhen, Vice President of Zhejiang University and Master of Laitong College of International Campus, Professor FU Qiang, Vice President of Zhejiang University, and representatives of Chinese and international faculty, staff and students unveiled the exhibition center together. Professor LI Hanying, Dean of International Campus, attended and delivered a speech. The opening ceremony was hosted by QU Lijuan, Vice Dean of International Campus.


Professor LI pointed out that the campus exhibition center carries the history of ZJU, refine the memory of seeking truth, and is a visible and tangible history of the international campus development, construction, and struggle. As an important part of campus culture construction, the opening of the campus exhibition center plays an important role in cultivating family and national sentiment, continuing ZJU's culture and cohesion. Prof. LI inspired the teachers and students to take the 6th anniversary of the grand opening of the campus as a new starting point, instructing them to bear the mission, develop and innovate. He continued by emphasizing the importance of making greater contributions to the opening up of the country's education to the outside world, the innovative development of the region, and the construction of world-class universities with Chinese characteristics and excellent disciplines. This constitutes a higher-quality model of international cooperation and education.


CHEN Wenchao, an associate professor of ZJUI, who is the first full-time faculty member of the Campus, fondly recalled the bits and pieces of his career since he joined the team on January 1, 2017, and said that he was very fortunate to witness the Campus developing from a difficult start-up to a vigorous development, and that, along the way, his personal growth and the Campus' development have always been closely connected and mutually accomplished. He firmly believed that the grand blueprint for the development of the International Campus would become a reality step by step under the joint efforts of the pioneers from generation to generation.

LI Wenyue, one of the first batch of undergraduate students of International Campus, now a graduate student pursuing a double doctoral degree at ZJE, and a member of the first team of the International Campus College Life Committee, also made a speech. She said that during the seven years of the International Campus's pioneering efforts, she never dared to stop climbing, kept growing and transforming, after overcoming difficulties again and again. She thanked the school for its fusion of Chinese and Western education models and the encouragement of teachers and students, saying she would work with the school to create a better future with a more energetic attitude.




Professor LI Erping, Director of the International Campus Academic Affairs Committee, Professor WANG Yufen, Executive Vice Dean of the International College, Zhejiang University, as well as the former Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of International Campus also attended the activity. 




The International Campus Exhibition Center is located on the fourth floor of the Auditorium, and consists of seven chapters, including: “Staying True to the Mission and Standing at the Forefront of Times” “Create an Open and Inclusive Campus” “Pursuing Excellence through the Creation of a Harmonious International Community” “Building a Regional Powerhouse through Innovation” “Cultivating an Innovative Infrastructure and Management Ecosystem” “Building an Education Model”“Thank You for Your Contribution” These chapters are composed of a panoramic presentation of the 126 years of construction and development history of Zhejiang University, an all-round record of the construction of the international campus over ten years, seven years of schooling, all the teachers and students with the same peer with the pioneering course of progress.


Subsequently, the Exhibition Centre will be open for all ZJUers and the community to visit by appointment.


Article: XUE Qian, LI Yinan

Photography: Hailan Culture

Editing: LI Yinan

Editing in charge: WU Fengbin

Translation: ZHANG Sanchu

English Editing: Robert Holmes