The 1st International Campus Games Held


On November 4th, the 1st International Campus Games was held. Let's relive this exciting moment together!

01 The Opening Ceremony

Professor FU Qiang, Vice President of Zhejiang University, announced the opening of the International Campus Games.

Professor LI Hanying, Dean of International Campus, delivered the opening speech.

QU Lijuan, Vice Dean of International Campus, hosted the opening ceremony.

The athlete representative, LIN Zichao, and the referee representative, Chief Referee ZHANG Jingzong, took the oath.

02 Moments of Highlight

This sports meeting is divided into track and field events, along with several other team-oriented fun activities. The track and field events include separate categories for male and female students as well as faculty & staff members.

The track and field events consist of individual competitions such as 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, 3000m, 5000m, 100m hurdles, 110m hurdles, high jump, long jump, triple jump, shot put, javelin, solid ball throw, and stationary basketball shot. Collective events include the 4x100m relay, and the 10x50m mixed-gender relay, and many more.

Highlights of Fun Activities

03 Insights Shared by our Participants

ZHANG Yu, Chief Referee
Q: What do you think of this 1st International Campus Games?
A: Despite its smaller scale in terms of participants, the event embodied the saying “small in size but complete in every aspect.” From the opening ceremony to the awards presentation, and from the starting gun to the joy of receiving medals, the entire process was exceptionally well-executed. The campus facilities and equipment provided a solid foundation. Our referees, all of whom are in-service faculty members from Zhejiang University and hold national-level officiating credentials, contributed to a fair competition. Transitioning from the previous university sports meeting to this, the faculty, staff, and students of the International Campus showcased excellent physical fitness and a resilient spirit, achieving a high level of competition.

JI Shuhan, Timer Volunteer Representative
Q: How does the role of volunteer in the university sports meeting differ from your involvement at the campus games?
A: In the university sports meeting, volunteers from International Campus representative team mainly assist in athlete registration and provide support services. However, in this International Campus Games, we are more actively involved in officiating, timing, and other event-related tasks, immersing ourselves in the vibrant and competitive atmosphere.

LIU Wenting, Gold Medal in Student Women's 100m    
Q: You achieved outstanding results in the university sports meeting. What are your feelings about participating in this campus games?
A: When we went to the Zijingang campus for the competition before, there were relatively few supporters for the International Campus representative team. This time, on our own home turf, many friends were cheering and supporting us. It made me particularly excited!

LIN Haoxiang, Gold Medal in Student Men's 400m   
Q: You also participated in the 400m race at the university sports meeting. What breakthroughs did you achieve this time?
A: In the previous university sports meeting, I unfortunately stopped at the preliminaries and couldn't showcase my true potential. This time, I learned from past experiences, practiced diligently, overcame my weaknesses, and set my sights on the gold medal. I am so delighted that the result was much better than before.

PENG Boyu, Gold Medals in Young Faculty Men's Long Jump and Men’s 100m   
Q: As someone who secured the gold medal, do you have any feelings or experiences to share?
A: The weather today is beautiful, and there exudes a vibrant and positive atmosphere. The breakthrough in my performance is closely linked to this atmosphere. The campus has provided us with a great sports environment. Generally, faculty, staff, and students on our campus are passionate about sports. I hope that more iZJUers can join the ranks as sports enthusiasts.

04 Medal Standings

Highest Total Score in Track and Field Events + Fun Activities

Pioneer: ZJUI

Combined Team Score in Track and Field Events (Student)
1st Place: ZJUI
2nd Place: ZJE
3rd Place: ZIBS

Combined Team Score in Track and Field Events (Faculty & Staff)
1st Place: The Logistics Staff Team
2nd Place: Administrative Offices & Research Centers
3rd Place: ZJE

The “Flying Man” of the 100 Meters
ZJE Postdoctoral Fellow, ZHOU Wenyan
Research Center Researcher, PENG Boyu
ZJUI Undergraduate, WANG Benlu
ZJE Undergraduate, LIU Wenting

King of Endurance
CHEN Rui (right) : ZJUI Postdoctoral Fellow
Accumulated Running Distance of 6500 meters
Achieved one Gold 🏅and Bronze🥉Medal

QIU Ping: Staff from Administrative Offices & Research Centers
Accumulated Running Distance of 3400 meters
Achieved two Gold Medals 🏅🏅

LIU Shengnan (2nd from the right) : Ph.D. student
Accumulated Running Distance of 4500 meters
Achieved one Gold🏅 and Silver 🥈Medal 

XU Jiashang (right) :ZJE Undergraduate student,
Accumulated Running Distance of 2300 meters
Achieved two Gold Medals 🏅🏅

The Ultimate Power Team
Team ZJE  
Tug of War Gold Medalist

Team ZJUI  
Tug of War Silver Medalist🥈 

Team ZIBS  
Tug of War Bronze Medalist🥉

Top Gold Medal Achievers


ZJUI Undergraduate, WANG Benlu (4 Gold Medals)
Student Men's 100m 🏅
Student Men's 200m 🏅
Student Men's 4x100m Relay🏅 
Student Mixed-Gender 4x100m Relay 🏅


ZJE Postdoctoral Fellow, ZHOU Wenyan (3 Gold Medals)
Young Faculty Women's 100m🏅
Faculty Mixed-Gender 4x100m Relay🏅
Faculty Mixed-Gender 4x100m Relay🏅

Article: LI Siqi
Photography: ZHU Zhouyue, ZHA Haoyun, LIANG Yusen, WANG Jie, JIANG Ripeng, ZHAO Zechao
Video: HAILAN Culture
Editing: WANG Rui, LI Yinan, SUN Xiaolei
Translation: XIONG Weiwei
English Editing: Loigen Sodian
Editing in charge: XUE Qian
Reviewer: WU Fengbin