RISE Theater Presented the Second Instalment of “Amazing You”


“As a family, even if we're exhausted, it's good to be together.”

On December 5th, "Amazing You", an original documentary-style play, elaborately crafted by Hangzhou Drama Artistic Center, was staged at the RISE Theater of International Campus.

QU Lijuan, Vice Dean of International Campus, presented a certificate of appreciation to SHI Jiani, representative of Hangzhou Drama Artistic Centre and producer of "Amazing You". The performance captivated an audience of nearly 400 people, including Chinese and foreign teachers and students of International Campus, as well as citizens of Haining.

The story starts on a rainy day, where three passengers shared a ride with a Didi driver, showing us four different life experiences - an online ride-hailing driver who put his whole family in a quandary due to a careless move, a single mother who’s suffered a lot in her marriage and romantic life, a mother who's taking care of her seriously ill daughter, expecting a miracle to happen, and “I”, someone who's gradually wearing out themself and losing any sense of hope.

Challenged by the horrible news out of the blue, the elderly father managed to cheer up his family members to work things out together; dealing with a partner who has had a bad experience in love, the young man is able to continuously bring her warmth and move her with sincerity. Albeit being stuck in life that has hit rock bottom, the mother stays strong and steadfast; facing a future with no prospect in sight, the protagonist fights hard with time and sweat... In the mundane world, it is inevitable to encounter all kinds of darkest moments, but how do you carry the burden and move forward with a smile? As the saying goes, looking back, the swift boat has already sailed through ten thousand mountains.

What exactly does it mean to be amazing? By the end of the play, it was revealed that everyone who strives for a better life is amazing in their own right. “There is only one true heroism in the world: to see the world as it is, and to love it.” Every “you” is an “amazing you”. This play pays tribute to every “you” who is full of passion, constantly climbing upward, and trying one's best in life.

Audience Share:

“The beginning of the play immediately caught the audience's attention. Through the change of lights and shadows, the incessant sound of rain, and the only red umbrella standing out in the black-and-white world, we were brought to that rainy night. The following three stories also had their own special characteristics, and they harmoniously portrayed unique and ordinary people who work hard for their lives. Maybe finding joy in suffering and enjoying it like a candy is the true heroism.”

--WU Yixi, a student

“I am deeply impressed by the play "Amazing You" and was immersed in the story through the wonderful performance, well-designed stage settings, and lighting and sound effects. It was thought-provoking and allowed me to experience a wealth of emotions. At the beginning of the play, I saw many curtains on the stage, but I didn't know what they were for. As the play progressed, these drapes were moved to just the right position and turned into silhouettes with the adjustment of lighting, they became the backdrop to the story, creating different atmospheres for each scenario. As the story progressed, the music and lighting enhanced our immersion and deepened our understanding and emotional resonance. Overall, this play has brought to me a quite meaningful experience.”

--QI Hengxing, a student

“Its opening scene, which simulated people walking around with umbrellas on the street on a rainy day, was so beautiful. In particular, a few bright red umbrellas stood out against the grey and black background, which immediately raised my sense of anticipation.”

-CHEN Yu, Residential College counselor

Article: WU Yuxin
Photography: Hailan Culture
Editing: LI Yinan
Editing in charge: XUE Qian
Reviewer: WU Fengbing
Translation: XIE Xiangling
English Editing: Loigen Sodian