The 10th High Table Dinner Held


On the evening of December 12th, the 10th High Table Dinner, organized by Weixue College, was held in the multifunctional hall of International Campus. Professor FU Qiang, Deputy Secretary of CPC ZJU Committee attended the ceremony, and Professor Yan Jianhua, Master of Weixue College, delivered a speech. The dinner invited Dr. SHEN Xiaojiang, a 2005 alumnus of Zhejiang University and founder and general manager of Zhejiang EasyClean Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. to serve as the guest of honor.

In his opening speech, Master YAN extended a warm welcome to all the teachers and students present. He encouraged Chinese and foreign students to have the courage to communicate and acquire new knowledge in the first "Family Banquet" organized by Weixue College, and to make full use of the opportunity offered during the High Table Dinner to interact with teachers and classmates around them. He emphasized the mission of Weixue College: “To Learn, To Do, To Lead and To Change”.

Dr. SHEN Xiaojiang vividly reviewed the help and support given by his tutor during his study in Zhejiang University. In his career, Weixue College’s mission advocated by Master Yan has always inspired him. In the future, he will continue to promote China's innovation to break foreign monopolies and to offer the best products to the world.

"The High Table Dinner was more than just a dinner, it felt more like a coming-of-age ceremony, and the speech by the honorary guest, Dr. SHEN, has also opened the door to a new world for me," said Li Mu-han, head of the Weixue College Student Committee. Peerada Kampotha, an international student from Guantong College, said, "This is the first High Table Dinner I have attended in the campus this year. I feel a sense of belonging at the ceremony of students from different colleges holding the flags." Angelica Foggetti, a professor who joined the International Campus this year, said," The high-table dinner was very new to me."

More than 220 students from the three colleges of Weixue, Guantong and Laitong participated the event, and more than 20 college tutors, as well as the campus leaders and the heads of relevant departments of the campus participated the event.

Article: GUO Jiyao, WENG Jing, ZHANG Hongbin
Editing: GUO Jiyao, LI Yinan
Editing in charge: XUE Qian
Reviewer: WU Fengbin
Translation: GUO Jiyao
English Editing: Loigen Sodian