Childcare Center of Zhejiang University International Campus Open!


On December 28th, the opening ceremony of Taoguli Childcare Center, a high-quality childcare center for “Hainshire” ZJU international talent community was held. Qu Lijuan, Vice Dean of International Campus, Chen Yifei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xiashi Street, Yu Tianfeng, Deputy Director of Haining Municipal Health Bureau, Jia Jiangen, Member of the Party Committee of Haining International Collaborative Education Development Office, etc. attended.

"The hand that moves the cradle is also the hand that moves the world." QU Lijuan expressed her gratitude in her opening speech, and thanked the Haining Municipal Party Committee, Xiashi Street, Health Bureau, International Collaborative Office and others for their help in providing convenience for the faculty and staff. “I am grateful for the faculty and staff from all over the world for choosing to come to International Campus, whilst contributing to the development of the Campus as well as Haining. I am grateful for the good foundation created by the cooperation between the campus and the city for many years.” She said that the completion of the childcare center is very important to solve the worries of the faculty and staff, and it is a major achievement of campus-city cooperation. To give full potential to the advantages of scientific and educational talents and create a high-quality International Collaborative Education Model, we have the responsibility to work together to contribute to the  development of Haining City as well as Xiashi District.

In his speech, CHEN Yifei mentioned that it was the first and only time in the history of Haining that the three national ministries and commissions issued a document to jointly build an International Education Collaborative Model. This valuable strategic opportunity must be grasped. The establishment of the childcare center is a very down-to-earth, long-term and forward-looking cooperation project. It is also a vivid demonstration of the detailed and practical promotion of campus-city cooperation. He hoped that the childcare center will continue to improve its service level and strive to become a benchmark childcare center for Haining City.

CHEN Ye, Director of the Office of Human Resources of International Campus, and JIANG Xiaoqiang, Director of the Office of Campus Operations and Support, unveiled the "Taoguli Childcare Center (International Campus Zhejiang University)". 

YAO Hongliang, deputy director of the People's Congress Working Committee of Xiashi Street, and CAI Yu, deputy director of the Xiashi Street Office, unveiled the "Xiashi Street Office Infant and Child Care Service Guidance Center Practice Unit ".

Taoguli Childcare Center adheres to the educational philosophy of "revealing the mind and returning to basics", and closely follows the internationally advanced research on child development, brain science, psychology, family and sociology. The childcare center focuses on the importance of using relationship as the basis, and using game environment, interaction and dialogue, and daily-care as the course contents, to provide a high-quality infant and child care service. The center is a double-story house. It has an indoor area of nearly 900 square meters, which is equipped with 3 classrooms and provides 54 seats. Classes will officially start in the spring of 2024. 12 children of the campus faculty and staff has enrolled, including 4 foreign children.

The childcare center has helped solve the problem of enrolling the young children of Chinese and International faculty and staff. This has improved the service facilities of the Zhejiang University International Collaborative Education Model and has provided the international talent community with more convenient, more professional and safer childcare services at their doorstep. Taking the construction of childcare center as the starting point, the campus-city integration and the linkage of science, education and industry will further deepen cooperation, which will help the campus introduce and retain talents, provide a boost to the campus, and set a good example in building a child-friendly society in Haining.

Article: XIONG Weiwei;
Photography: Hangzhou Qizhen Education, Zhu Zhouyue;
Editing: LI Yinan
Editing in charge: XUE Qian
Reviewer: WU Fengbin
Translation: Yin Chair