Campus childcare center now open!



On the 28th of February, Jiaxing Daily reported on a Childcare center situated in “Hainshire”, ZJU’s International Talents Community, in the International Campus of ZJU. The Childcare center, named “Taoguli”, is a high-quality establishment built in response to the proposals of the talents for adding a Childcare center which could take care of their children near the Juan Lake of Haining. Below are the original texts of the report. 

“Hurry up Mom!” said Shuoshuo, a 2 year old boy looking at his mother WANG Aili, a professor of International Campus, opening up the gates of the Childcare center before rushing in. Her mother added, “we visited this place before, and my child’s been waiting for this moment”. After sending her kid off, she got on campus to get to work.

This is a Childcare center located by the Juan Lake in Haining, within Hainshire, near the International Campus, Zhejiang University. The Childcare center recently opened on the 22nd of February. It spans an area of almost 900 square meters while being furnished with an outdoor landscape platform and outdoor activity area.

“Last year, I made this proposal to the university hoping they could establish a Childcare center situated near the Campus so that we don’t need to worry about taking care of our children under 3 while we’re not around them. Beyond my expectation, the campus took actions so efficiency.” Aili said. 

In 2022, the International Collaborative Education Model construction plan has been approved, which brought significant benefits from national strategy to Haining. Haining sees the matters concerning talent of great importance. After having a clear understanding on the needs of the faculty and taking into account the fact that many of them reside in Hainshire, the Haining International Cooperation Education Development Office invested over 3 million yuan to build this Childcare center. Early this year, the Taoguli Childcare Center officially opened, effectively addressing the faculty’s concerns.

Talents are gathered near the Juan Lake. Not only the International Campus of ZJU is nearby, but also the International Juan Lake Tech City and more. In order to extend these benefits to more local talents and residents of Haining, the Taoguli Childcare Center has also started enrolling children from the local community. “At the end of last year, we heard that this Childcare center was enrolling children, my wife and I discussed it and decided to enroll our child here,” said Yaoyao’s dad, who runs a woven textile business in a nearby district. While praising the establishment of Childcare center, he added, “It only takes around 10 minutes to get here and when my new house here is ready for move-in, it will be even more convenient for us.”

“Currently, we have recruited more than 20 children for two classes’ said Lin Lujing, the head of the Taoguli Childcare Center. This year, they are about to start recruiting for the fall semester, and according to local needs, they will further benefit more talents and residents of Haining.

Journalist: YANG Qian
Reporter: ZHOU Danfeng
Photography: Taoguli Childcare center
Editing: LI Yinan
Editing in charge: XUE Qian
Reviewer: WU Fengbing
Translation: WU Bohan, LIU Shuaiyin