Intenational Campus Held 2024 Campus Briefing


On the afternoon of March 15, the Campus Briefing 2024 was held. The meeting deliberated on the development direction and vision of International Campus in the year of 2024, and the advancement of the International Collaborative Education Model. Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of International Campus, Professor HE Lianzhen, delivered an address. Vice Dean of International Campus, QU Lijuan, made a report. Vice Dean of International Campus, Professor WU Jian, chaired the meeting.

Professor HE Lianzhen pointed out that the year 2023 was the beginning year for implementing the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, a critical year for ZJU to set out on the journey of building a leading world-class university, and a transition year of the International Campus during the 14th Five-Year period. Shortly before the 15th CPC Congress of ZJU, General Secretary XI Jinping made important instructions to urge ZJU to work persistently to fully implement the Party’s educational policy, carry out the fundamental task of fostering virtue through education, blaze new trails and strive to accelerate the construction of a world-class university and excellent disciplines, so as to make positive contributions to advancing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation on all fronts through a Chinese path to modernization. 

In 2023, the International Campus achieved remarkable results in serving the high-level education opening-up and the integrated regional development of the Yangtze River Delta. In 2024, we should be aware of the problems and challenges we are facing. Internationalization is the unchanging backdrop for the development of the International Campus. Meanwhile, we need to further improve in key areas, such as education, talents, science and technology, and further strengthen the recruitment of top-notch talents, and the construction of high-caliber research platforms. As a next step, we must be more open and actively expand international collaborative networks, by further consolidating our collaboration with key partners, including UoE and UIUC, and proactively establishing substantive partnerships with other world-class universities and top research institutions; we must pursue higher quality and keep enhancing the level and quality of education and teaching, scientific research, and talents cultivation, by advancing the recruitment and nurturing of internationalized talents and the construction of major sci-tech innovation platforms, strengthening international academic and research collaboration, and optimizing the tenure review system. All iZJUers should work together to tell more splendid stories about ZJU and China.


QU Lijuan delivered an update on the International Campus. She pointed out that the year 2023 was extraordinary for the growth and development of the International Campus, when the Campus further enriched the connotations of global outreach, steadily advanced the talent cultivation centered on student development, and enhanced the campus governance system and the mechanisms for campus-city coordination. She emphasized that 2024 would be a critical year for the International Campus to make significant progress in the construction of the international collaborative education model. It’s necessary for the International Campus to enhance the system of cultivating innovative talents by further improving the quality of cultivating talents through blending the best of the East and the West for undergraduate education, encouraging interdisciplinary innovation and delivering international collaborative education for graduate education; further expand the international collaborative network by promoting international cooperation and exchanges in an all-round manner, and building the brand of “Studying at ZJU”; build an international collaborative education platform in the Yangtze River Delta region by focusing on international research cooperation, and bringing together internationalized high-level talents; strengthen capabilities for supporting efficient governance and services by promoting key tasks of International Collaborative Education Model through university-city cooperation; and have Party building lead high-quality development.

ZJE Dean KE Yuehai pointed out that ZJE was committed to building a leading Sino-foreign cooperative education institution, would solidly advance the construction of ZJE overseas hub, proactively recruit and nurture outstanding scholars from across the world, and tell ZJE’s “new” stories with stronger spillover effects.

ZJUI Dean Der-Horng LEE stated that premium productivity was the internal driving force and determining factor for ZJUI’s sustainable development, and that it was necessary to improve the talent recruitment, nurturing, and tenure review mechanisms, promote the university-industry collaboration in more depth, and create a “new” ecosystem for research and innovation.

ZIBS Dean BEN Shenglin highlighted ZIBS’s strategy to build a science & technology-focused premier global business school from China, and ZIBS’s commitment to further expand its global network and create a “Study in China” brand.

Directors of five administration offices of the International Campus delivered reports on the work in 2023 and the key tasks for 2024.

Article: LI Yinan
Photography: LIU Shuaiyin
Editing: LI Yinan
Editing in charge: XUE Qian
Reviewer: WU Fengbin
Translation: YU Jianqing
English Editing: Robert Holmes, LIU Shuaiyin