ZJU-Haining Wins the Silver Prize of the Reform Breakthrough Award of Zhejiang Province


ZJU-Haining "Education-Science-Talent-Industry-City" Integrated Development Mode of the International Collaborative Education Model, submitted by Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and Haining City, won the Silver Prize of the Reform Breakthrough Award of Zhejiang Province in 2023! This is the first time ZJU has won this award!

ZJU and Haining City began to co-construct the International Campus in 2013. Since then, the two sides have achieved fruitful results in collaborative education, talent exchange, platform co-construction, resource sharing, strategy consulting, and regional services, and have created a university-city collaborative development mode characterized by “education-science-talent-industry-city” integrated development.


4 Requirements

  • Carry out the important proposition for education-sci-tech-talents integrated development.
  • Break down institutional barriers to meet the practical needs for higher-quality education.
  • Implement the national strategy for the integrated regional development of the Yangtze River Delta.
  • Overcome the “siphon effect” of resources and engage in the exploration and practice of shaping new growth drivers and advantages for county-level development.

5 Measures

  • Take the lead in creating the international collaborative education mechanism of “city + university + international network.”
    We have developed the first “international campus” in China, partnered with first-class universities in UK and US in incorporating Sino-foreign cooperative education institutions, established an extensive collaboration network covering 46 universities across the world, co-built 11 international research centers, and constructed an innovation highland of “orientation towards the world and self-initiation”. 

  • Establish the “industry + university + government” collaborative and innovative development mechanism
    Haining International Collaborative Education Development Office has been founded to promote the establishment of university-industry-government collaborative innovation carriers for university-industry collaboration on talent cultivation, university-industry collaborative innovation, and international IPR trading. We have stimulated in an all-round manner the collaborative innovation vitality of the university, companies, and government, with 81 collaborative innovation projects established, 91 university-industry cooperation projects implemented, and over 200 local companies served.

  • Create a talent recruitment and development mechanism 
    We have recruited 150-plus high-level talents, including 7 academy fellows; established 9 major sci-tech innovation platforms at national and provincial levels, and founded 23 high-level research and development institutions; created a whole-chain service system with talent funds and talent sci-tech innovation groups. 

  • Explore the emerging industry cultivation mechanism of “disciplines + funds + bases.”
    Haining has made an overall plan for developing emerging specialty industries based on the advantageous disciplines of the International Campus, and reconstructed the emerging industry system; established the “Juanhu Dream Fund”, scientific and technological achievements commercialization fund, and other venture capital funds of RMB 3.5 billion, catalyzing the bio-medicine industry with a value of more than RMB 10 billion and directly driving the development of the pan-semiconductor industry valued at over RMB 50 billion; built a ZJU innovation belt, and constructed industrial bases for life and health, and electronic information industries.

  • Build Haining into a dream city for education, residence, and career development
    Aiming at having the internationalized university drive the city’s internationalization, we have developed international talent residential communities, planned the construction of an international medical center, built cultural and sports landmarks, improved the public service network, and digitally empowered the construction of the cloud-based international collaborative education model. “Hangzhou-Haining” inter-city railway, has been put into use; have constructed the Hangzhou-Haining Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, and carried out pilot reforms in the review and approval of foreigners’ work permits and long-term residence permits in China. 

4 Outcomes

  • Haining’s comprehensive strength has significantly increased.
    Ever since the inception of the International Campus, Haining’s comprehensive strength has significantly increased. The city has moved up its place in China’s Top 100 Counties Ranking from 22nd to 11th, has been listed among the Top 10 counties in the Ranking of Zhejiang Province on Companies’ Satisfaction with the Business Environment, and has been included in the first group of places for provincial-level pilot on deepening innovation. 

  • ZJU’s global reputation has been enhanced.
    The International Campus has helped ZJU significantly enhance its international reputation and global impact. ZJU is widely recognized as one of the fastest-progressing universities in the world.

  • The effects of student cultivation and talent development have been magnified. 
    The four cohorts of International Campus graduates have been extensively favored by world-renowned universities. 90% of the graduates have pursued further studies, and 76.9% have been admitted to the world’s TOP 20 universities. In terms of these two indicators, the International Campus has been leading the country. It has also recruited and nurtured more than 1,000 doctoral (post-doctoral) talents; Haining has been listed among the top 1 of Jiaxing for 3 consecutive years in the number of high-level talents, newly recruited high-skill talents, and the number of university students.

  • New growth drivers for sci-tech innovation have strengthened.
    Haining has ranked 7th among the top 100 sci-tech innovation counties in China, and 1st in Zhejiang; the total output value of industrial clusters above the designated size has exceeded RMB 200 billion; a total of 47 high-tech enterprises have been incubated, and 127 provincial-level sci-tech SMEs nurtured. 

  • The International Collaborative Education Model has played an exemplary and leading role.
    In September 2022, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly issued the Plan for the Construction of ZJU International Campus into an International Collaborative Education Model; numerous Chinese and international delegations visited the International Campus for exchanges, and the relevant experience has been widely publicized.

In October 2023, the International Campus became the only university image featured on the set of special commemorative stamps themed “Integrated Regional Development of the Yangtze River Delta”.

Source: Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Haining City

Editing: LI Yinan, SUN Xiaolei

Editing in charge: XUE Qian, ZHANG Yi

Reviewer: WU Fengbin

Translation: YU Jianqing

English Editing: Kevin Ariyanto, LIU Shuaiyin