A Date with Your Dreams and Future: An Immersive Experience of the International Campus Open Day


On March 31st, at the International Campus, Zhejiang University, over 700 families and 1,700 students with their parents came from 11 different provinces to gather for a date with their dreams and futures. Listening to admissions keynote speeches, talking face-to-face with professors, enjoying one-on-one admissions policy counseling, and experiencing the 4th Student Culture Festival allowed them to experience the living and learning on the International Campus.

In her opening speech, Professor HE Lianzhen, Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of the International Campus, cordially welcomed students and parents from all over the nation. She pointed out that this year, in the context of ZJU’s 127-year history and its "East Cambridge" reputation, the International Campus officially enrolled students for the ninth year under the guidance of its partner universities: the University of Edinburgh and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. With cohesive cooperation, the International Campus has grown into an international collaborative education model thanks to the care, attention, love, and support from all walks of life. We hope to exceed your expectations, Professor HE said, and for you to leave with deeper understanding and recognition, as well as greater confidence at the International Campus.

TANG Haiyang, Director of the Undergraduate Admissions Office of Zhejiang University, introduced ZJU as a first-class university with glorious history and tradition - one that never forgets its history but is situated firmly in the present day and always looking forward. It is in this tradition that ZJU upholds its mission to lead from the front, she said. 

QU Lijuan, Vice Dean of International Campus, gave a basic overview and orientation of the Campus, as well as its student cultivation characteristics and the unique experience of studying at the International Campus in her speech titled, "Dream Campus: Meeting the Future."

Professor KE Yuehai, Dean of ZJE, Professor LEE Der-Horng, Dean of ZJUI and Professor WANG Xinlei of UIUC introduced the cultivation program, curriculum design, and student learning experience from multiple perspectives, and warmly replied to the questions from candidates and their parents about enrollment policy, major selection, and other aspects. ZHOU Jinqi, Assistant Dean of the International Campus and Director of Office of Academic Affairs, presided over the presentation.

Moments of the Open Day

Admissions Policy Counseling

Face-to-Face with Professors

Laboratory Tour

Campus Tour

The 4th Student Culture Festival

The campus is full of springtime, and everywhere there are people with new wonder and anticipation. Come and listen to what students and parents say about the Open Day.


Article and Translation: WANG Huan
Photography: Hailan Culture
Editing: LI Yinan
Editing in charge: XUE Qian
Reviewer: WU Fengbin
English Editing: Ryan Flanagan, LIU Shuaiyin