1. All the documents you need to provide:

□ ID card (Original and two copies)

□ Political examination documents

□ Academic diploma and certificate(Original and two copies)

(* Overseas students must provide Educational certification)

□ Certificate of profession and technical qualifications/ vocational qualifications (Original and copies)

□ Medical Exam form

□ One-inch color bareheaded photo (6)

□ One-inch color bareheaded photo(E-edition) and one daily picture(E-edition)

□ Original quit job certificate with former employer's seal (expect for the first employment)

□ Application form of Labor Union

□ Candidate Registration Form

2. Download the agreement and labor union application form and fill in all the documents.

3. To the Office of Human Resources to sign the contract 

4. Login http://zuds.zju.edu.cn/zfsjzx/jspdspp/rygl/selectRole.jsp to register (ID NO. will be provided by the Office of Human Resources)

5. After Receiving Confirm Email, you can go to the Campus Card Center to get you Campus Card (You can bring your digital photo).

6.Salary will be paid as well as insurance and housing accumulation funds after finishing all the facilities (Done before 6th every month, it will be paid this month; otherwise, it will be issued next month).

See details from  On-boarding Guide for New Faculty&Staff.pdf