2022 International Postdoctoral Exchange Fellowship Program(Talent-Introduction Program)Starts Receiving Applications

I. Project Introduction

The Postdoctoral International Exchange Program is targeted at excellent international young scientists holding a PhD degree (including those Chinese based in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan of China, as well as young Chinese received a PhD degree abroad) pursuing postdoctoral research in a Chinese institution. The successful candidates would be co-funded for two years, by the Office of China Postdoc Council (OCPC) and Zhejiang University. Around 500 postdoctoral fellows shall be supported in this program in 2022.

For those post-doctoral fellows whose contracts are more than two years, the university will provide 250,000RMB per year within the contract duration after the two-year sponsorship of the program.

Sucessful applicants at the International Campus, Zhejiang University will receive annual support  of 500,000+ RMB (including the support from OCPC and Zhejiang University) for two years, plus 200,000 RMB research fund.

II. Application Timeline and Evaluation Approach

1. Direct grant

There is a pilot policy to take a direct funding for this year’s candidates of this program with quota limitation of 150 nationwide (100 Chinese, 50 foreigners) on a first come, first served basis. Those international PhD candidates (including those Chinese based in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan of China, as well as young Chinese received a PhD degree abroad) who obtained their doctoral degrees from world’s top 30 universities (listed in the application system) within recent 3 years can be directly supported by this program.

2.Review and grant

For applicants who are not funded directly as above, OCPC will organize experts’ appraisal to select candidates nationwide in 2022. The detailed timetable is as follows.


Deadline of online application

Deadline of review of Office of Postdoctoral Affairs of ZJU

Final Decision


10th April

15th April



25th September

30th September



For more information on introduction and research fields of PIs, please visit the website of each institute for details.

ZJU-UoE Institute (Biomedical Sciences): 



 +86 571 87572816

ZJU-UIUC Institute (Engineering): 



+86 571 87572520

International Business School (Fintech): 



+86 571 87572366

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