Professor Paras Prasad Invited to Give Lecture on International Campus


On October 23, Professor Paras N. Prasad from The State University of New York at Buffalo delivered a wonderful online academic lecture on International Campus, Zhejiang University and conducted an academic discussion with faculty and students. This lecture was one of a series of academic report of the “Forum on Frontiers of Advanced Photonics”.

Major breakthrough required to meet 21st century global healthcare challenges can only be achieved through multidisciplinary convergence of science. Starting with absorption and scattering from biological tissues, the lecture presented Prof Prasad multidisciplinary research in biophotonics and nanomedicine, specifically applied to cancer, infectious diseases and brain diseases. This talk discussed how chemistry, physics, engineering, biology could be integrated with photonics and nanotechnology to open up biophotonics for biomedical imaging and image guided therapies, and nanomedicine with multifunctional optical nanoprobes for targeted imaging and nanotherapies. After the report, Prof. Prasad conducted in-depth discussions with teachers and students online.