The 1st meeting of the 3rd Academic Committee of the MOE Key Laboratory of Micromolecular Synthesis and Functionalization held on International Campus


On 19 November 2020, the first meeting of the third Academic Committee of the MOE Key Laboratory of Micromolecular Synthesis and Functionalization, Zhejiang University was held on International Campus, Zhejiang University. 
Members of the academic committee who attended this meeting are Academic Committee chairman Wantai Yang academician from Tsinghua University, Professor Qiang Fu from Sichuan University, Professor Wei Feng from Tianjin University, Professor Xiqun Jiang from Nanjing University, Professor Anjun Qin from South China University of Technology, Professor Changchun Wang from Fudan University, Professor Xinhua Wan from Peking University, Professor Huaping Xu from Tsinghua University, Professor Bai Yang from Jilin University, Professor Mingqiu Zhang from Sun Yat-Sen University, Professor Qiang Zheng from Zhejiang University, Professor Zhikang Xu from Zhejiang University, Professor Changyou Gao from Zhejiang University and the vice chairman of the academic committee Professor Jian Ji. Members of the academic committee who attended the meeting via the Internet are Professor Linqi Shi from Nankai University, Professor Liqun Zhang from Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Professor Yongfeng Zhou from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. 
Leaders of departments of Zheijiang University and the laboratory directors attending this meeting are executive vice president of the Sci-tech Academy of of Zhejiang University Hongbing Shi, deputy director of the Foundational Office of the Sci-tech Academy Ping Chi, Academician Jiacong Shen from Zhejiang University, Professor Mang Wang from Zhejing University, director of the key laboratory Professor and vice president of ZJU-UIUC institute Professor Hanying Li, vice director of the key laboratory Professor Lie Ma and researcher Ziliang Wu, Party Secretary of Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University Professor Rengong Lou, vice department chairman Professor Xinghong Zhang and Professor Yihu Song, and academic backbone and young teachers of the key laboratory. 


Professor Hanying Li introduced the guests attending the meeting and expressed her warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to them. After that, president of the Sci-tech Academy of Zhejiang University Hongbing Shi read the appointment document, awarded the appointment letters to Academic Committee chairman Academician Wantai Yang and director of the key laboratory Professor Hanying Li, and delivered the speech.
The academic committee meeting was presided over by Academician Wantai Yang. Professor Hanying Li reported the overall situation of the laboratory and the main achievements about the 2020 annual scientific research projects, academic papers, patent authorization and results transferring, etc. Then he introduced outstanding achievements on five main research direction - the controlled catalytic polymerization and functional polymer microstructure and rheological, photo electromagnetic functional polymer, biomedical functional polymer, separation functional polymer, and puts forward the future direction and concrete measures for further development of the laboratory. Subsequently, Professor Changyou Gao, dean of The Department of Polymer Science and Engineering of Zhejiang University, introduced the "14th five-year" development plan of the department. The committee members had discussion on the "14th five-year" development plan and the future development direction of the key laboratory and other related issues and put forward many good suggestions.