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ZJU-UoE Institute: All undergraduate applications should be made through our online admissions portal. You should upload all of your supporting documents to the portal. All postgraduate applications should be made directly to Zhejiang University. Our dedicated admissions team will be available to guide you through the process. If you require your application materials in an alternative format, please contact:

ZJU-UIUC Institute: Please log in the apply system via 登录-用户 | 浙江大学ZJUI(ZJU-UIUC Institute), or contact:

The International Campus adopts a fully residential campus system, where students live in the campus with renowned experts, scholars and foreign instructors, and are allowed to stay, study, seminar, dine, relax and socialize in the campus. Each student has a separate living space and shares a living room and bathroom. The multi-functional architectural design (library, study room, discussion room/conversation bar, activity room/leisure bar, gym, etc.) located on the first floor provides an intimate and supportive learning and living environment for students.
The College is headed by Professor Lap-Chee Tsui, a renowned educator and former President of the University of Hong Kong, and is equipped with senior tutors, academic tutors and life tutors, etc. The academic guidance environment, quality development environment and life sharing environment created integrate liberal education, quality education and nurturing education to promote students' all-round development in knowledge, ability, quality and personality.
Biography of Dean Lizhi Xu: Lizhi Xu is an internationally renowned molecular geneticist. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the United Kingdom, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, a Foreign Member of the National Academy of Sciences, and a Foreign Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He was the President of the Human Genome Organization (HUGO) from 2000 to 2002. He has received honorary doctorates from 15 universities around the world, the Order of Canada, the Order of Ontario, the Killam Award of the Parliament of Canada, the Legion of Honour of France, the Order of the Golden Bauhinia and the title of Justice of the Peace of the Hong Kong SAR.

Graduates from Zhejiang University International Campus have multiple pathways to further education and broad employment prospects.
Most of the graduates will choose to continue their studies at top universities at home and abroad to pursue master's or doctoral degrees, and the percentage of ZJE's exemptions is about 20%, and they can be guaranteed to graduate students from the University and other departments in China, or they can take the national master's unified entrance examination, and there are about 10 places in ZJE's master's unified examination each year, and there is also a ZJE AIU single-degree doctoral/master's program, so there are multiple paths of study and obvious advantages.
ZJE Edinburgh University Joint College: medical community, academic community, industry and management community.
Medical community direction, medical and health research fields are developing rapidly, such as West Lake Institute of Oncology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yuhang Medical Center of Zhejiang University, Yiwu Medical College of Zhejiang University, etc..
The direction of academic community, there are more biomedical corresponding colleges than any other specialties, such as Zhejiang University School of Medicine, West Lake University (West Lake Institute of Advanced Studies), Yuhang Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, etc.
Industry direction, biomedical high-tech companies are employed: gene companies, diagnostic companies, innovative pharmaceutical companies, etc. More than 30% of the science and technology city are biomedical innovation companies. The number of life high-tech enterprises is at the top, with the second highest proportion on the Science and Technology Board.
Management community direction, positions in management of big health industry, biomedical intellectual property rights and other related legal affairs. There are more professional civil service positions in life science and technology than in other professions: health care commission, pharmacovigilance bureau, etc.
Zhejiang University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Joint College: The four majors offered by the college are the strengths of the two universities and have good employment prospects. It is also easier to obtain opportunities for further study. At present, the first batch of undergraduates has 96.4% further study rate. The main directions of employment are research and teaching units, global companies and institutions.
The process and percentage of recommended exempted graduate students at ZJUI is the same as the general faculty of ZJU, about 19%-20%. In addition to the recommended exempted graduate students, ZJUI students can also take the national master's unified entrance examination.

Tuition fee: 160,000 RMB/academic year;65,000 RMB/academic year (for GCM in ZIBS)
Accommodation fee: 8,000-10,000 RMB /academic year
ZJU-UoE Institue: An overseas exchange scholarship with 100% coverage is set up to encourage and fund students to actively participate in overseas exchange and research training. The College also has scholarship awards for students with good academic performance and equal participation in various awards and honors of Zhejiang University.
ZJU-UIUC Institue: There is a freshman scholarship for new undergraduate students with outstanding academic ability and overall quality. Academic Scholarships, which are awarded to students in various amounts based on their academic performance in school. International Exchange Scholarship, which partially supports students to study abroad.
ZIBS: Hai Scholarship is awarded to students according to the transcripts, interview performance and potential contributions. ZIBS also has ZIBS Excellence Award for students with good academic performance in the last academic year.

We adopt an international training system, small class teaching, specialized courses are taught in full English, and the teaching mode of combining theoretical classes with discussion classes and experimental classes is adopted.
Students can truly enjoy the advantages of Western and Chinese higher education and become first-class talents with national sentiment, international vision, global competitiveness and global responsibility.

Zhejiang University International Campus has an international faculty consisting of part-time faculty members selected by Zhejiang University, the University of Edinburgh and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, as well as talented faculty members appointed by the campus worldwide.

Zhejiang University International Campus is the first campus in China to adopt the "one-to-many" institutional model, which means that several joint colleges and cross-research and results transfer centers are established on one campus with several world-class partners. At present, Zhejiang University Edinburgh Joint College, Zhejiang University Illinois Urbana-Champaign Joint College and Zhejiang University International Joint Business School have been officially established. Students studying at the international campuses have the opportunity to have zero contact with world-class masters from multiple world-class universities and different disciplinary backgrounds.

ZJU-UoE Institue: We provide abundant overseas exchange opportunities, such as research internship or exchange visit, which are arranged during the winter and summer holidays and during the senior year of graduation design.
ZJU-UIUC Institue: The training program includes overseas exchanges, usually during the junior year, to experience the study and life at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA.
ZIBS: Abundant overseas exchange opportunities are provided, especially in world-class American and European universities.

The proportion of international students in the student body is no less than 30%.
Full English language teaching is used on campus.
Every student attending the International Campus has the opportunity to study, intern and exchange overseas
Students have access to a global community of peers and mentors at the International Campus and improve their cross-cultural communication and English and Chinese expression skills.


ZJU-UoE Institue: Biomedical Science, Bioinformatics

ZJU-UIUC Institue: Electrical and Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering

ZIBS:Bachelor in Global Communication and Management (GCM)

ZJU-UoE Institute and ZJU-UIUC Institute: The same degree and graduation certificate, signed by the presidents of both universities, are issued by both universities.

ZIBS:The same degree and graduation certificates, signed by the president of ZJU, are issued by ZJU.

The International Campus of Zhejiang University is an integral part and strategic base of Zhejiang University, which is an important strategic layout of Zhejiang University to further serve the national strategy of talent strengthening and innovation-driven development, improve the level and international influence of higher education in Zhejiang, and accelerate the process of building a world-class university, as well as to promote the integration of Zhejiang University disciplines into the international first-class academic circle in all aspects and further enhance its education, research and social services. It is also an important measure to promote the integration of Zhejiang University's disciplines into the international first-class academic circle and further enhance the quality of its education, research and social services.
The international campus enrollment program is integrated into the unified enrollment of Zhejiang University.
The University of Edinburgh (UK) and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA), as foreign partners, export excellent teachers and share teaching resources for us, and issue degree certificates.


  • First-class partners

The International Campus has almost stringent criteria for selecting partners from many countries with advanced higher education in the world. According to the development needs of the mainstream dominant disciplines of the seven university departments of Zhejiang University, the International Campus selectively establishes a number of joint colleges with the same educational ideals and top-ranked universities in the world to create an international campus with a concentration of the world's top universities.
   University of Edinburgh: The University of Edinburgh is the birthplace of modern biomedicine and a world-renowned center of medical education, the alma mater of Darwin, the home of cloned Dolly the sheep and the birthplace of the first test-tube baby. To date, the University of Edinburgh has produced 21 Nobel Prize winners, three British Prime Ministers, four Presidents and two Prime Ministers.
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: UIUC is a founding member of the Big Ten and a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU), and is known as a "public Ivy League". "UIUC is ranked fourth in the world for engineering and has produced 23 Nobel Prize winners to date.

  • First-class international faculty

In terms of professorial appointments, the International Campus will consist of full-time professors, dual-appointed professors and course professors. Full-time professors are recruited globally according to the standards of international first-class faculty (in principle, they must be established academic masters and senior foreign teaching professors), while double-appointed professors and course professors are mainly from Zhejiang University and partner universities, so students at the International Campus can have zero contact with world-class masters from different countries.
First-class global students
The International Campus is a gathering place for students from world class universities, with no less than 30% of the students being international students.

  • First-class advantageous majors

ZJU-UoE Institute: Biomedical Science, Bioinformatics
ZJU-UIUC Institue: Electrical and Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

  • First-class training model

All the joint institutes in the International Campus are organized by Zhejiang University in cooperation with world-class universities, introducing the partner's faculty, training programs, curriculum, teaching resources, quality standards and guarantee system. The international campus advocates a student-centered approach, with classroom teaching emphasizing the combination of general studies and specialization, and focusing on teacher-student interaction and the cultivation of hands-on skills, so that students can receive a world-class international education at the international campus.

  • First-class international environment

The International Campus provides students with a first-class international environment (global partners, global faculty, global classmates), and every student at the International Campus has the opportunity to study, intern and exchange abroad.
First-class residential colleges
The International Campus adopts a fully residential college system to enhance students' development and general education and promote quality development.
First-class environment and facilities
The completed International Campus is designed as a "campus in a wetland, a campus in a park", with hardware and software facilities that are in line with international standards.

  • First-class financial support system

If you are good enough, you will never be denied access to the International Campus due to tuition fees. There are various scholarships available at each joint insitute. ZJU-UIUC Institue will award scholarships of different amounts according to students' academic performance in school, and set up international exchange scholarships to support students to study at UIUC. ZJU-UoE Institute has established academic scholarships to encourage students with good academic performance and overseas exchange scholarships to encourage and fund students to actively participate in overseas exchange and research training.

  • First-class graduation destination

ZJU-UoE Institute: 100% of the first class of 2016 graduates have been accepted to graduate schools, with an acceptance rate of 76.5% and a full scholarship PhD rate of 88.24%.
ZJU-UIUC Institue:96.4% of the first graduates of the class of 2016 were offered graduate school admissions, with a PhD acceptance rate of 55% and a master's acceptance rate of 45%.
Through your studies at the International Campus, you can expect to receive exceptional value for.
- Two top degrees: ZJU undergraduate degree + foreign undergraduate degree
- First-class education in China and abroad: First-class education in China + First-class education in Europe and America
- International cultural perspective: Chinese and foreign cultural integration + global perspective expansion
- Global classmates and mentors: global classmates + mentors and friends from world-renowned universities
- Two language skills: English fluency + Chinese fluency


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