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Scientific Research & Thesis Writing
1.0 - 1.0
Parent ID Semester (field_semester) - Any -2016/2017 Fall Winter2016/2017 Spring Summer2017/2018 Fall Winter2017/2018 Spring Summer2018/2019 Fall Winter2018/2019 Spring Summer2019/2020 Fall Winter2019/2020 Spring Summer2020/2021 Fall Winter2020/2021 Spring Summer2021/2022 Fall Winter2021/2022 Spring Summer2022/2023 Fall Winter2022/2023 Spring Summer
This course focuses on the methodology of engineering science research, discusses and dissects the proposal of engineering science problems, research strategies and means, analysis and summary methods. At the same time, through the reading and analysis of scientific and technical English literature, this paper introduces and discusses several main scientific and technological writing forms, structures and grammars, and cultivates students' logical thinking ability, systematic organization and achievement description and expression ability.