Commencement for the ZJUI Class of 2023


On June 3, ZJUI held a grand commencement to confer upon the graduating Class of 2023 their UIUC B.S. degrees on the International Campus of Zhejiang University. This year, the UIUC delegation traveled over 11000 kilometers to Haining to award UIUC degrees to 189 ZJUI graduating students, witnessing an important moment of their growth together.


Prof. Du Jiangfeng, President of Zhejiang University, and Prof. Robert J. Jones, Chancellor of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, delivered speeches. Also present at the ceremony were Prof. He Lianzhen, Vice President of Zhejiang University, and Prof. Rashid Bashir, Dean of the Grainger College of Engineering at UIUC, Prof. Ling Wen, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, President of Shandong Association for Science & Technology, Members of the Talent Cultivation Steering Committee of ZJUI.


President Du Jiangfeng warmly welcomed the UIUC delegation from afar and sincerely congratulated the ZJUI graduating Class of 2023 on successfully obtaining the UIUC degree. “Since its establishment seven years ago, ZJUI has always been committed to educating innovators in engineering and leaders of tomorrow, fully leverages the advantages of Sino-foreign collaborative education and brings together worldwide scientific and educational resources. Together we provide a dynamic and cutting-edge educational experience, empowering students to perceive engineering innovation and showcase talent on a global stage,” said President Du. In face of the constantly evolving international landscape and the more universal challenges, President Du hoped that graduates maintain a deep sense of concern for humanity and develop a world view that emphasizes our shared future, while upholding the UIUC motto of “Learning and Labor” and the ZJU motto of “Seeking Truth and Pursuing Innovation”. Additionally, President Du expected graduates to explore the frontiers of knowledge with deep dedication to truth and innovation. Also, he desired graduates to maintain a strong commitment to the principle of "study and practice," which stresses the importance of acquiring knowledge and applying it in real-world scenarios. “I hope you will take the world as your responsibility, value truth as your guiding principle, and integrate knowledge with action. I call on you to shoulder great responsibilities and contribute to the advancement of human society with your wisdom and commitment,” said President Du.


Chancellor Robert J. Jones addressed the newest graduating class of ZJUI through a video and expressed gratitude for the strong support Zhejiang University has provided in this pioneering, solid, and comprehensive partnership. “To the ZJUI class of 2023 of all the words that I might offer today are start with the most important ones-congratulations on your achievements. You have the distinction of holding two degrees from two of the world's greatest universities. I know the road to this Celebration was certainly much harder than any person on this planet ever imagines but I hope you feel an additional sense of pride for all that you have accomplished here,” said Chancellor Jones. He expressed earnest hope that graduates should demonstrate "resilience" in the rapidly changing era and dare to strive for the top; In the wave of innovative educational models, bravely stand at the forefront with "boldness" and dare to be the first; In the new global landscape of the post pandemic era, reshape the future with "drive" and dare to shoulder major responsibilities.


Prof. Rashid Bashir reviewed the exciting learning life and exceptional contributions of students of Class of 2023 during their undergraduate studies on two campuses in China and the United States, expressing his expectations for graduates to be inclusive, promote the longevity of humanity, lead the future, and change the world for the better.


Academician Ling Wen shared with the graduates his journey of constantly accepting challenges and breaking through boundaries. He encouraged graduates to keep their feet on the ground and dive in what they learn, keep their mind open and widen horizon with a variety of interests, and dream big and align life purpose with the glorious path to build a more prosperous world.

Mr. Yuan Chentai, a student representative of Class of 2023 and Mrs. Ji Ying, parent representative gave touched speeches with the theme words "pursuit" and "gratitude".

At the ceremony, the Class of 2023 walked across the stage individually to embrace a significant moment in life. Prof. Rashid Bashir, and representatives from different departments of the Grainger College of Engineering awarded the degree certificate for each student. Heads of relevant colleges and departments of ZJU, as well as relevant discipline coordinators, leaders of the International Campus, heads of various offices, departments, and institutes, and ZJUI faculty and staff attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Prof. Der-Horng LEE, Dean of ZJUI.

Zhejiang University and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign established a partnership in 2002. Over the past 20 years, the two universities have conducted multi-level cooperation in multiple fields and established cooperative institutions such as ZJU-UIUC Joint Research Center, setting a model for Sino-US higher education cooperation. As one of the highest-level Sino-US cooperative educational institutes in China, ZJUI has four undergraduate programs: Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Civil Engineering. Undergraduate students who meet the degree granting conditions of both universities will receive dual bachelor's degrees from Zhejiang University and UIUC.


Among the graduates of Class 2023, there have emerged outstanding students such as world-class conference paper authors, champions and runners up winners of international competitions, and designers of green buildings in the Winter Olympics Village. And a large number of graduates will go to prestigious universities at home and abroad for further education.

Congratulations to Class of 2023!


Article: JIN Nanxing

Photo: LAI Xinping

Editor: WU Sicong

Editor in charge: YANG Jin, ZHOU Yichen