Professor Michael Kong from Old Dominion University Visits International Campus for Academic Exchange


On March 27, Professor Michael Kong from the Department of Electrical Engineering at Old Dominion University visited the International Campus for academic exchange and delivered a lecture titled "Cold Atmospheric Plasma for Biomedicine" to the faculty and students of Zhejiang University. The lecture was successfully held in the West Lecture Hall of the International Campus,Zhejiang University. This event was hosted by Gehan Amaratunga,Professor of ZJUI and the International Research Center for Information Science and Electronic Engineering.

Professor Michael Kong introduced the potential of cold atmospheric plasma in medicine to alter biological systems, including killing dormant bacteria and potential drug-resistant cancer cells without harming healthy cells. He also demonstrated the capability of cold plasma in destroying bacterial spores that are resistant to traditional treatments. Furthermore, Professor Kong introduced the potential application of cold plasma technology in the recovery of spinal cord injuries.

The lecture attracted over 50 academic staff and student audiences. After the lecture, there were discussions and exchange of ideas on the topics. Professor Michael Kong also had warm interaction with the staff and students.

This lecture focused on cold atmospheric plasma technology and cutting-edge research in the field of biomedicine, and so it deepened the research exchange and collaboration between our university and the Old Dominion University in interdisciplinary areas. The successful organization of the lecture is beneficial for us to establish a platform for international cooperation, jointly driving the prosperity and development of the relevant research fields.


Article and Translation: GAO Zhuoqing

Photograph: JIANG Xiaoxiao

Editing: LIU Shuaiyi

Editing in charge: ZHANG Yi

English Editing: WU Bohan