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Doan Huong Thao, an iMF student in ZIBS, 2021 intake,Vietnamese

Guess you must be familiar with Doan Huong Thao, who appeared twice on the "Global Watch" program on China Global Television Network (CGTN) two months ago.

On the occasion of President XI Jinping's successful visit to Vietnam at the end of last year, Doan Huong Thao, a Vietnamese student from international Master of Finance (iMF) program, was interviewed twice by CGTN on the "Global Watch" program. She shared her experiences studying at ZIBS and her outlook on Sino-Vietnamese relations.

Recently, after completing three months of internship at ByteDance, where she worked on local content operations for a new app in Vietnam, she joins us on this episode of "ZIBSer Spotlight" series to share her experiences on how to enter top-tier companies and what she gained from her internship. We hope her insights will benefit more ZIBSers in their internship experiences. 

In addition, in July 2023, recommended by Prof. YAN Cui, and through the introduction of ZIBS eco-partner, the Zhejiang International Chamber of Commerce for the Private Sector, Doan Huong Thao provided translation services for Zhejiang Taiyi Fire Holdings which was awarded the national-level "Little Giant" honor for specialization and innovation, supporting its localization and promotion efforts in Vietnam. Due to her outstanding performance, she received a special thank-you letter from the company.

Doan Huong Thao (Second from the left), YAN Cui (Third from the left).

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