ZJU-UoE Joint Research Centre for Engineering Biology


ZJU-UoE Joint Research Centre for Engineering Biology is jointly built by the College of Life Sciences of Zhejiang University and  International Campus , Zhejiang University. Through the introduction of synthetic biological intelligence resources, it revolves around the two major scientific themes of engineering biology: the synthesis and development of natural drugs and the research and development of biosensors. Build scientific research platforms such as "plant cell bioreactor", "new biochemical pathways and new gene discovery of plants and microorganisms", "synthetic gene circuit design" and "biosensor". Carry out work in the fields of scientific research innovation, achievement transformation and personnel training. At the same time, docking with Haining Azalea Lake International Science and Technology City, implement the transformation and landing of the relevant scientific research achievements of the center in Haining, Jiaxing. Relying on this, the Centre is cross-integrated with relevant disciplines of the school to jointly establish a platform for synthetic biology at the school and at the provincial level. Based on the cross-disciplinary development, scientific research and innovation and technological transformation are of great significance not only to reveal the nature of life, but also to innovate the way of material manufacturing in the field of bioengineering. to provide new solutions to solve the major challenges faced by human beings, such as resources, energy, health, food and environment, the center will provide a research and development platform in the field of biotechnology for schools, especially for related disciplines in Haining International Campus. Actively promote the cross-integration of disciplines, promote and promote the development of disciplines, further enhance the ability of the international campus of Zhejiang University to serve the country and local governments, and promote China's cutting-edge scientific and technological progress and achievements transformation. Establish a research team with global competitiveness, carry out international cutting-edge research, build a first-class talent team and carry out first-class original research in response to the major needs of the national economy and the people's livelihood, build into an open academic innovation platform with a high starting point, internationalization and modernization, and strive to become an important base for China's high-level scientific research and high-level personnel training.


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